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Elephant Essay

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Elephant essay
Life isn’t as easy as it seems. Some people would love to see you fail, while your closest would love du see you succeed. Everybody have a dream. A dream about becoming something big and great. Having a nice job with a good salary, an expensive car and house. And if you don’t achieve any of this, your life will feel like a mistake. You will feel like a complete fail. You want to isolate yourself from others. Even those who support you. You are pausing your life, because you don’t know what to do.

This story “Elephant” is written by Polly Clark in 2006. It starts in media res, because we are unexpectedly standing in a dark room where a person named William is sitting ...view middle of the document...

So he’s trying to forget the fact that he has a writing issue. Even though he also is trying to fulfill a dream. A dream about being a important writer, like Leo Tolstoy and James Joyce. It doesn’t matter if it he doesn’t get just as good as them. If only he was near as good, it would be a blessing. William knows he’s falling behind in what he’s living of. It makes him dream a lot, and want to forget what he has written. He lives in a dream world where flashbacks of his life I what is keeping him happy. Like when his wife Ginny reminds him about then he was six or seven years old, when his mother brought him the blue elephant. At this time it all becomes too much for him, because he’s tired of living the same life over and over again, day by day, so he decides to write about something he’s passionate about. Christine.

I have chosen to compare this story with “Introduction on the 1999 edition of the Pillars of the earth.” Ken Follet wrote it in 1999. Both of these texts explain why things don’t always end like you want it too. The difference is that Ken Follet is talking about a book he have written, where William is talking about his daily life as a writer. Ken is talking about that change is not always good. In his case he tried to change genre, which ended badly. He lost many readers and it made his potential carrier disappear. Whereas William becomes happy and feels like he is restarting his life, and breaking the barrier which he have been living in the past years. It also tells that William started from not being someone appreciated for his...

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