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Elie Wiesel Essay

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World War II was a global conflict from 1939 to 1945 when the war ended.
Many nations around the world were involved including the great powers which later on formed
two opposing military alliances : the Allies and the Axis. One of the Axis’s leaders was Adolf
Hitler. Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Germany. The Jews were hated the most by the Nazis
because Hitler blamed the Jews from Germany defeat in World War I. This hate towards the
Jews from Hitler led to “The Holocaust”. The Holocaust was the systematic annihilation
of six million Jews by the Nazis during World War II. Even though we know millions of people
died in this sadly event, ...view middle of the document...

They were not allowed to visit restaurants, attend the synagogue, or leave home
after six in the evening. They must wear the yellow star at all times.
After being in the ghettos they were deported to Auschwitz. In Aushwitz is when
Elie is separated from his mother and sisters. In this camp is when he started struggling to keep
himself and his father alive. After this they go through various incidents trying to survive. In or
around August 1944, Eliezer and his father are transferred from Birkenau to Auschwitz III. Elie
writes in his book that their only joy is when the Americans bomb the camp.
In January 1945 the Death March occurred, with the Soviet army approaching, the
Germans decide to flee, taking 60,000 inmates on a death march to concentration camps in
Germany. They were heading to Buchenwald and in their way his father is beaten because he
was sick with dysentery and was agonizing and Eliezer could not do anything to help him
because he was afraid he was going to get beaten too. The next...

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