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. CSO Perspectives: Jennifer Pockell-Wilson, Senior Director of GlobalMarketing Operations, PolycomBy Jim Dickie and Barry Trailer; Managing Partners, CSO Insights Ms. Jennifer Pockell-Wilson As senior director of Global Marketing Operations at Polycom, Jennifer Pockell-Wilson built and manages the team that enables the business of marketing. Her team addresses the daily tasks, common problem areas, and tools that improve operational efficiencies through the alignment of people, processes, and systems for the global marketing organization. Some of the systems and projects the team manages include the global demand management process (from hand raise to closed business), marketing automation ...view middle of the document...

2. is expected, and consistently providing feedback through integrated sales and marketingsystems.Marketing is developing even more refined metrics to track awareness, thoughtleadership, and demand generation to optimize each dollar invested and continuallyincrease the return on investment.That’s the short version. It wasn’t always this way and it didn’t happen overnight but thefollowing pages describe how getting marketing’s house in order, then integrating withsales has created a happy ending. The story really began three years ago.THE POLYCOM YOU DON’T KNOWYou know Polycom and, very likely, most of what you know is incomplete. This publiclytraded technology company (NASDAQ: PLCM), now more than a billion dollars in annualrevenue, is best known for their three-legged, triangular shaped conference phones.However, the most visible and familiar part of Polycom’s product and service offerings,conference phones, are less than 20% of the company’s total revenue stream.Headquartered in Pleasanton, CA, and founded twenty years ago, Polycom focuses oninnovating and delivering communication and collaboration technology to its customersaround the world. The sales organization addresses this customer base through fourdistinct geographic organizations: North America, Caribbean-Latin America (CALA),EMEA, and APAC. Andy Miller, who was running the sales organization this past year,has recently stepped up to become the new CEO at Polycom.Each geography has a similar go to market strategy but each is tailored to its uniquerequirements. And while Polycom has a direct sales team—both field and inside repsdepending on the geography—all of their deals are fulfilled through partners. The morecomplex the deal, such as an immersive telepresence implementation with service andmaintenance requirements, the more involvement the Polycom sales rep will have.Polycom grew from its engineering roots. Product development and engineering drove aculture of innovation and excellence and saw this rewarded with steady growth throughthe first twelve years, and then it was adversely impacted along with everyone else bythe tech bubble bursting. Revenue revived in 2004 but at a slower pace until a newrevenue ramp beginning in 2007.The traditional engineering mindset is “build a better mouse trap” and, as the sayinggoes, the world will beat a path to your door. As noted, this approach served thecompany well and marketing was largely done through contract services. That began tochange three years ago when Heidi Melin came on board.Prior to her arrival, there had been a succession of CMOs but there was no consistentmeasurement of marketing metrics and therefore, no gauge of marketing’s impact. As aresult, budget was always an issue and often saw cuts when funds were neededelsewhere.© CSO Insights 2 No portion of this report may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the authors.

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