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This study will take a look at the communicative language teaching approach with respect of teacher roles. The aim of this approach is to develop learner’s four basic skills in English language. I have selected the topic “Communicative Language Teaching At The S.S.C. Level: Investigating Teacher Roles” in Bangladesh as my thesis paper because at present most of the teacher of our country at the secondary level are trained through grammar translation method. Being trained through GT method, they are teaching English using communicative language teaching (CLT). So in this study the questions to be dealt with include what is CLTA is, where it came from and how teacher’s role ...view middle of the document...

This approach originated from the changes in the British situational language teaching approach dating from the late 1960s(Richards & Rodgers , 2001). The concept of communicative competence was first introduced by Hymes in the mid 1960s and many researchers helped to develop theories and practices of CLTA. Although they were different in many way, they all stressed the importance of communication.(language quality improvement in secondary education project, module-1,2001).

Major characteristics of CLTA:
CLT is usually characterized as a broad approach of teaching rather than as a teaching method with clearly defined set of classroom practices. As such it is most often defined as a list of general principles or features .one of the most recognized of these list is David Nunun’s (1991)five features of CLT:
• An emphasis on learning to communicate through interaction in the target language .
• The introduction of authentic texts into the learning situation
• The provision of opportunities for learners to focus, not only on language but also on the learning management processes.
• An enhancement of the learner’s own personal experiences as important contributing elements to classroom learning.
• An attempt to link classroom language learning with language activities outside the classroom.
These five features are claimed by practitioners of CLT to show that they are very interested in the needs and desires of their learner as well as the connection between the language as it is taught in their class and as it is used outside the classroom.
CLTA introduced at the S.S.C. level:
In this era of globalization it is necessary for everyone to connect with the whole world. Even in Bangladesh, people are giving much more importance towards learning English in order to communicate with the people of other countries, to get job, to do business as well as to have a higher education. As a result in our country English is made a compulsory subject in the S.S.C. level and so student have to study English. However students of our country are hardly able to use English effectively in their day to day life. As a result CLT has been introduced in our country in the 1998s as the goal of this approach is to develop learner’s communication skills. Since then the education board of our country has been trying to train the English language teachers all over the country in CLT through different projects so that they can use this method in their classroom teaching. Though initially this method was not so much used, now a days after being trained, the teacher know about it and try to follow it in classroom teaching. As a result now the teachers are comfortable with this approach.

Teacher roles :
The students of S.S.C. level are experienced so they can easily co-operate with the teacher. There are several roles for teachers in CLT classroom at the S.S.C. level. According to Breen, M. & Candlin, C. N. (1980) there are two main roles of a teacher...

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