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eMarketing Differences between B2C and B2B Business ModelsDoing business over the internet continues to expand at a very rapid pace In fact, it is estimated that over $269 Billion dollars worth of sales will occur over the internet during 2005 (Jupiter Research, 2005). Just as with traditional 'brick and mortar' operations, the internet business owner needs to be able to determine how best to reach desired customers and supply the services the customers what. To do so, requires that the business establish how it wants to conduct business, for instance will it sell directly to consumers or to other vendors. The business will also need to establish the most efficient and effective means to ...view middle of the document...

In other words, it is "the communication (such as the internet) used between businesses to interact with each other more frequently, rapidly, and accurately in real time (Topxml.com, 2005)." As technology continues to develop and improve, businesses are finding that the internet is becoming the method of choice for interacting with its internal and external customers. The relationship between the businesses in a business-to-business relationship can take on many forms such as buyer to seller, supplier to seller to buyer and many other forms. Again, the benefit is that all of the businesses involved in the transaction are dealing with each other in real time.The Internet has had a tremendous impact on businesses all around the globe. It offers a fast, convenient way for people and businesses to connect often in real time. Internet marketing or eMarketing is about using the internet as a marketing communications and distribution channel. It involves using the two most common elements - the web and email to establish communications between interested parties without the constraints normally caused due to distance. By removing or limiting the impact of distance on communications, the internet has afforded many businesses the opportunity to promote themselves and make money in markets that before were off limits or inaccessible. Businesses are now able to function on an international level while operating as if all parties were nearby.In order for any business, virtual or real, to be successful, it has to have a well though out marketing plan in place. Internet marketing tactics are in many respects no different from traditional marketing tactics. Whether the business is geared towards the internet or otherwise, the focus should not lie solely on advertising and promotion. Effective implementation of each portion of the marketing mix is still important. The difference lies in the fact that internet marketing is more often less costly to implement and easier to measure its effectiveness.Cost is a major consideration in any type of any type of marketing endeavor whether it is online or not. The use of catalogs, flyers, brochures and other print methods to advertise products and services are useful in both the real marketplace as well as the virtual marketplace. The difference between the two arenas lies in the cost-savings and ability to reach a greater number of consumers via the internet. When using print media for advertising and promotion, a brick and mortar business has to pay considerably more. There are costs associated with printing, storage, postage, as well as the actual time spent by people in various areas to prepare and distribute the advertisements. In the online arena, many of these costs are cut substantially. For instance, electronic versions of any of these documents do not have to be printed, stored, or mailed anywhere....

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