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Embryonic Stem Cells Essay

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Simran Mann
Negative Opinion Paper
Biology 3000
Harvesting Embryonic Stem Cells
Harvesting embryonic stem cells can be an argumentative topic with differing opinions. I believe by researching and experimenting on embryonic stem cells, the results can be beneficial to society through medical treatments. I believe this research will benefit medical science into further advancement.
The human body contains more than 220 differentiation cell types that are acquired from a collection of cells that are referred to as embryonic stem cells. Furthermore, these cells originate from an embryo, within the inner cell mass of a blastocyst that is known to be five days old. Moreover, these cells are ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, if we can either fractionally or completely treat primary disabilities, why don’t we make use of the stem cells? The condition of the embryo is the principal argumentative topic in this research. However, there are numerous approaches of obtaining embryonic stem cells without the procedure of killing the embryo. One process involves obtaining adult stem cells also known as somatic stem cells.
Stem cells have the ability to produce many organs, including but not limited to the heart and spinal tissue. I am a supporter of harvesting the embryonic stem cells to help treat patients around the world. At the end of the day, many women by choice get abortions done, is that not considered “killing a life”? Is that not considered “a sin”? So why not use the embryonic stem cells to help the people in need. I question society by asking them, why would you be opposed to harvesting embryonic stem cells if benefited a member of your family?
In my opinion, it is irrational to put the cells from an immature embryo over living human beings that are living an inadequate life with no decision-making ability. I believe that it is unethical to allow millions of people to suffer, when there are possible treatments available. I think it is ethical to demolish embryos that have not yet started to perform human functions. For example, an eighteen-year-old woman had stem cells embedded into her spinal cord; thus allowing her to take control of her bladder. In addition, this young woman was able to motion her legs and toes after suffering a fatal injury from a brutal car accident that left her spinal cord detached. There is another real life example of three boys in Los Angeles whom all went through stem cell therapy over a bone marrow transplant to treat their damaged immune system. The three boys were treated with harvested stem cells from an umbilical cord blood.
In my opinion, there is no reason to believe the elimination of embryos will threaten public value’s due to numerous years of embryos being constructed for IVF thus, no compelling development has been shown in how society values human life. In addition, the surplus of embryos is going to a waste when the time restriction for preserving stem cells in the freezer has lapsed. Therefore, it is best to utilize them in stem cell research that could treat people. Nevertheless, I believe it is moral to use embryos for treating diseases.
For some, destroying the embryonic stem cells is considered murder; however, I believe that the outcome is beneficial both in the short and long run, when saving the lives of patients diagnosed with chronic diseases. Harvesting stem cells symbolizes medical advancement towards identifying cures for countless disorders. In my opinion, killing a fetus is...

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