Emergency Situation On Board Ship Essay

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Your Guide to Tackle Emergency Situations On Board Ships

An emergency situation on ship must be handled with confidence and calmness, for haste decisions and “jumping to conclusions” can make the matters even worse. Efficient tackling of emergency situations can be achieved by continuous training and by practical drills onboard vessel. However, it has been seen that in spite of adequate training, people get panic attacks and eventually do not do what they should in an emergency situation.
As far as the seafarer is concerned, first and foremost, he or she must be aware of the different types of emergency situations that can arise on board ship. This would help in understanding the real scenario in a better way, and would also lead to taking correct actions to save life, property, and environment.
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Fire alarm
 In case of a fire alarm: 
* Inform Officer On Watch.
* Check if it is a false or true alarm.
* Report back of findings.
* In case of fire, raise the Fire/General alarm as soon as possible. Try to stop fire and if it is not possible, muster according to the Fire Muster List.

Man Over Board signal
 In case of Man Overboard Signal: 
* Rush to the deck and try to locate the crew member fallen in the water
* Throw lifebuoy and inform deck. Read more here.

Abandon Ship Signal 
In case of Abandon Ship Signal: 
* Rush to the muster station
* Carry as much ration, water, and warm clothing as you can carry
* Act according to the vessel’s Muster Lists.

Engineers Call 
In case of engineers call: 
* All Ship Engineers Should assemble in the Engine Control Room
CO2 alarm 
* In case of CO2 alarm, leave the Engine Room immediately.

Engine Room Flooding 
* In case of engine room flooding, Chief Engineer should be called immediately and general alarm should be raised.
* Immediate action should be taken in preventing more sea water to enter the engine room and Emergency bilging from the Engine Room should be established in accordance with the Chief Engineer.
 Cargo Hold Flooding 
* In case of cargo hold flooding, Master must be informed immediately.
* All precaution must be taken to contain the flooding to that hold.
* General alarm must be raised.
Pollution prevention
* In case of any oil spill/pollution immediate action should be taken according to the vessel’s “Shipboard Oil Pollution Prevention Plan”.
* Emergency Plan (SOPEP) and Onboard SOPEP Equipment located in Deck Stores should be used in case of Oil Spill.

In case of any other emergency situations, call for help either by using the phone or by activating the EMERGENCY CALL. Whatever might be the situation, keep the Master, Chief Engineer and Officer on Watch informed of the situation all the time.

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