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Emerging Technologies Essay

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MBA 540
Information Systems Emerging Technology
Professor Voight
September 11, 2012

For this research assignment we were to focus on emerging technologies for the Internet, within this category I am going to focus on the importance of smart phones and mobile devices. The first cell phone was unveiled in 1983 and has come a long way since then. Cell phones were first given the ability to connect to the Internet in 1999. This is nowhere close to what we think of today when we access the Internet on our phones today. The first smartphone, PalmOne Treo 600, was unveiled in 2003 and was the first successful merger of a cell phone and PDA. Cell phones in our society are more like computers than a phone. Most cell phones today are considered smartphones, and more people than not own a smartphone.
Smartphones and mobile devices are changing the way companies conduct business, communicate, and make sales. When discussing smartphones and mobile devices the word apps, short for ...view middle of the document...

There are a number of operating systems on today’s smartphones and mobile devices. Some of the most popular are Google’s Android, Apples iOs, Windows mobile, and BlackBerry. “The average smartphone user now spends more than 11 hours a month using apps, more time than either Web browsing or talking, according to a March 2011 study by research firm Zokem”(). This being said it is now more important than ever to elevate the importance of mobile customer engagement into a companies overall business strategy.
Amazon is one company that has developed several mobile apps; Amazon Mobile and Kindle app are their two largest used applications. In the Amazon mobile app a user is able to search, get product details, read reviews, and purchase items from their smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. Their Kindle app allows users who do not have an Amazon Kindle access to their database of Kindle books, magazines, newspapers, and PDF files on their device. The article also stated, “As the range of content and services provided by the mobile Web broadens and the user experience improves, companies that don't have a mobile-Web strategy will lose out to competitors that do. Simultaneously, the economics and competitive dynamics of mobile devices, software, services, content providers, and advertising markets will shift dramatically”(). Amazon has taken the necessary steps to take advantage of the ever-growing mobile customer base.
For this case I used the Internet and the Business Source Complete database here at Ohio Dominican University. The technology in cell phones is becoming more and more advanced in just the past ten years. I can only begin to imagine how far cell phones will come in the next ten years. I myself am an avid user of my iPhone. I use my mobile browser almost just as much as I use the web browser on my laptop or computers here at school. It is no secret that many businesses in society today are exploring opportunities on the Internet and e commerce within mobile devices and smartphones. In order to remain competitive it is a must that companies invest in mobile technology for their customers.

Korkmaz, B., Lee, R., & Park, I. (2011). How new Internet standards will finally deliver a mobile revolution. Mckinsey Quarterly, (3), 46-53.

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