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Emotion And Motivation Essay

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Motivation and Emotions

Motivation and emotion go hand in hand; they are interlinked and influence each other to a great extent. The question many ask is- how?
Well, it's simple really. Let's see what motivation and emotion are defined as individually...
* Motivation
Motivation is the' X factor' that drives you to achieve your goal. With motivation, you know what you want and why you want it. All you need to do is to go about finding ways to utilize your motivation to reach your goal/s.
Motivation explains the WHY in any action taken by you. Psychologists have agreed that it is driven by a need or a want that gets molded into behavior that is goal specific, and that the need is then given direction.
* Emotion
We understand emotions better when we describe them as feelings. We feel emotions, and they are ...view middle of the document...

Motivation And Emotion: The Connection
Evidence has shown that there is a small group of emotions that is linked to facial expression. This means there are some responses that are hard-wired to facial expression. If your feelings were to change, then a change in your facial expression would convey the same to an onlooker.
You need motivation of some kind to want to change your 'expression', and that's where the link lies. When you want to smile, something motivates you to smile- smile is the change you have brought to your facial expression.
The mental functioning of humans can be explained in many different ways, but we know that the most basic operations of the mind are in the form of desire and knowledge. Emotion and motivation both fall under the category of desire. Both are high on energy and intensity, and both have the ability to move us- not physically, but psychologically.
Some co-relating aspects of emotion and motivation are:
* Both are dependent on the relationship you share with your environment
* Emotions serve as precursors to our next action
* Motivation is the action that may be generated because of the emotions involved
Emotion makes us feel, while motivation makes us act with respect to the feeling. Once the course of action has been taken, the second part of emotion steps in. Success makes us happy, and failure may bring varying degrees of unhappiness. Now, emotion may be rewarding or punishing the motivated action.
The link or relationship between the two works when one makes the other happen. You motivate yourself into feeling something; alternatively, your emotions dictate the amount of motivation you have to do the job at hand. Acceptance of the link allows you to use it effectively, and you can now actually achieve more. A combination of the two will help you overcome fatigue, procrastination and even sheer laziness.

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