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Emotional And Psychological Burden On The Informal Caregiver

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Emotional and Psychological Burden on Informal Caregivers-

In general, all articles explain that this is an area where more research needs to be done, especially in cancer patients. This research should extend into the bereavement period and beyond the palliative care phase.

Burden is defined as a predictor of health and likely to have an adverse impact on a caregiver’s future (Nijboer). Caregivers often feel responsible, they make little use of professional services, and may become ill themselves. Lower socioeconomic status are assumed to have a higher burden, which leads to poorer health. The availability of social support and social contacts was found to be an important determinant ...view middle of the document...

How prepared the caregiver was for the death?
3. If the caregiver was able to say goodbye- 82% of people were coping well
4. Present at the death

So about 50% of people reported they were coping fairly well with the death. The high percentage of people who were able to say goodbye as well as the 2/3 of people who believed that they were prepared played into this percentage. I believe that the percentage of people who can cope well with death can be higher.

Many articles also touched on the positive aspects of being a caregiver-
Hudson: 84% stated there were positive experiences about caregiving (Why do people caregiver realizing their own capabilities, control within their own home, become close to the patient.
Less than 1/3 reported that personal strength was an important thing for caregivers. That is not a lot. It looks like being prepared and keeping a good attitude are key factors that play into being a good caregiver and coping well.

Hudson asks the question “which health professional is best suited to conduct interviews to determine if someone needs help”? Should they be objective or a palliative care specialist?

Another study (Schumacher) talks generally that pain management in the home does not have enough teaching involved.Patients and families require some sort of assistance with this. There was difficulties found in several areas of interest:
1. obtaining prescriptions
2. accessing information
3. tailoring the prescribed regimen to the individual
4. side effects
5. processing and remembering everything
6. managing multiple symptoms
7. onset of new/unexpected pain
PRO-SELF is a pain management educational system and was proven to be effective, but does need ongoing tweaking and management.

William Haley found that fewer clinic visits reduces the inconvience and burden for the...

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