Emotional Intelligence In Medicine Essay

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Leadership Reflection Paper #2
July 16, 2011
Emotional intelligence, the ability to recognize one’s own feelings and those of others, is well documented as an important, yet frequently absent, facet of leadership. This leadership skill is utilized in both team interplay and individual encounters between leaders and followers to unite toward common goals. In the medical field, in particular, emotional intelligence is a highly utilized asset regarding leadership roles as physician-patient relationships rely heavily on emotional perception and response.
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Specific personal experiences that come to mind for me regarding this skill involve my past and present dealings with women diagnosed with breast cancer. While I’ve had to deal with a multitude of differing surgical problems throughout my career, the breast cancer patient was the most difficult challenge for me to confidently handle. A woman with breast cancer presents with both physical and emotional needs that are intimately intertwined together. As a clinician, I had to figure out a way to delicately balance my presentation of necessary medical information regarding surgical options with a need to console the woman regarding her emotional needs. At first this was an extremely difficult task for me as medical training fails to address these necessary skills. These women are frequently lost, upset, depressed, and alone. They look for a clinician that will lead them to a safe harbor where they can find comfort, safety, security, and compassion in the recent storm that descended upon their lives. Emotional intelligence plays a major role in these relationships. I had to learn quickly how to lead this particular patient type to a better place both surgically and...

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