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IntroductionMany go through life making every attempt to understand as well as leadtheir lives through their emotions. However, when looking at emotions, bothnegative and positive emotions need to be considered, which for manyrepresents a whole new perspective. In this essay, we will look at how thesenegative and positive emotions interrelate.We can begin, by looking within the bible itself. "Lamentations is adepressive lament; Ecclesiastes has similar emotional overtones. Christ himselfexperienced the full range of emotions, as the Gospels clearly indicate..." Thus,we ourselves as mere humans should expect no less as we move through ourown lives.EMOTIONSEmotions, as defined in the Webster's ...view middle of the document...

The challenge is how tolearn to use that energy in a different than more often than not destructive way.There are some general guidelines for managing negative emotions. Be aware ofdestructive feelings that drain your energy and kill your motivation. Do we feelpessimistic or resentful about something? Are we feeling hopeless ordiscouraged? We recognize that emotions have a purpose. The purpose ofnegative emotions is to help us survive and that of positive emotions to help usthrive.NEGATIVE EMOTIONSNegative emotions help us avoid danger, while positive emotions help usapproach what we need to survive (food, shelter, and procreation). For example,during our reproductive years we respond to the secondary sexual characteristicsof a potential mate in subtle ways we may not really be aware of. The verylucrative cosmetics industry is actually based on the simple premises of placingemphasis on the eyes, lips, complexion, and hair -- personal advertisements ofsuitability for mating. Negative emotions are backward focused, and are moreautomatic, while positive emotions are about the future, and need to becultivated by engaging the imagination in constructive ways. Taking positiveemotions seriously means cultivating positive emotions to optimize health andwell-being. The "pursuit of happiness" amounts to learned optimism, aconscious choice not to be overwhelmed by negativity. Positive emotions aremore than the absence of negative emotions. The capacity to experience positiveemotions remain an often untapped human strength. Positive emotions canhave effects beyond making people "feel good" or improving their subjectiveexperiences of life. They also have the potential to broaden people's habitualmodes of thinking and build their physical, intellectual, and social resources.Emotions affect certain brain chemical levels and studies have shown thatcontentment and joy, speed recovery from the cardiovascular outcome ofnegative emotions. Gratification and amusement share the ability to undonegative emotional arousal. Likewise, evidence suggests that the undoing effectmay extend beyond speeding physiological recovery. In other words, theireffects are likely to go beyond treating and preventing problems that stem fromnegative emotions and into the realm of building personal strength, flexibility,and wellness. In addition however, negative emotions also produce depressed,anxious or irritated moods, which sap the energy out of us. Negative moodsdampen the spirit of the thought. As thinking narrows down, we might not seesolutions that might be right under our eyes. We begin to pay inadequateattention to the environment around us, so we miss the cues and details thatcould have been helpful to us. As a result, we see our options to be far morelimited than they actually are.POSITIVE EMOTIONSPositive emotions broaden and build and open people's mindsets, enablingcreative and flexible thinking. Finding positive meaning in adversecircumstances may thus be another case of...

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