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Emotions Of Poetry Essay

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Emotions of Poetry In the poem "The Slave Mother," Frances Ellen Watkins Harper uses imagery, figures of speech and voice to help the reader feel the poem. The emotion portrayed by the character is put into words and comes alive. The narration is in third person, which allows the reader to view the poem from the outside in. Imagery is used to help the reader become connected to the characters."Heard you that shriek? It rose."(1) The reader immediately uses imagery to visualize hearing a shriek. Personification is given to the shriek when Harper states that the shriek rose. As if the sound has human qualities like a person rising out of bed. Lines 5 and 9 start the same with Harper ...view middle of the document...

" When reading and re-reading, "She is a mother, and her hear is breaking in despair."(39-40) The mother is in despair because she has lost her son. Lost her son in a way in which she will never get him back. It is as if the boy were stolen from her.The mother may also have this feeling because she wishes she were never born into this slavery lifestyle. Her feeling of despair gives the reader the imagery of a slave mother. Her feelings of despair because she will never be free or have children that will be free. The guilt she may carry because she brought her own child into this lifestyle and now he will be a slave.The figures of speech in, "The only wreath of household love"(23) and "Of music round her heart"(30) and "They tear him from her circling arms"(33) all have a similar piece, the image of a continuous circle. This same figure may represent truly, the circle of love, which connects the mother and her son. The circle of the mother's arms around her son and the music, which circles her heart, may represent the connection, the continuous bond. The circle image may also represent the circle of life; the life of the son will be as the mothers'. The cycle of slavery will continue.Harper narrates this poem...

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