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Employee Development Plan Essay

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Employee Development Plan
Creating an employee development plan plays a significant role in the success of your employees. The employee development plan is utilized to communicate the organization's goals and accomplish those objectives within reason of the desired expectations. This developmental plan will cover a detailed need analysis broken down into three main components: organizational, team, and task. The learning objectives that helped to outline this plan will also be covered along with the appropriate delivery method. Last it will cover the evaluation criteria necessary to achieve all the tasks and responsibilities related success.

Needs Analysis
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These questions will assist the trainer with devising a plan to increase the customer service level while increasing revenue and ensuring each of the team members are meeting the standards of the T.G.I. Friday’s organization.

Organizational Analysis
Organizational analysis is the process which focuses on the cultivation of ongoing maintenance of the workforce, which is completed through the design and structure of an organization in an effort to ensure efficiency of the workforce as well as the relationships and behavior of those individuals within the T.G.I. Friday’s. This process is done based on whether the employees are New Hires, Veteran employees and the actual training program in place for those on track for promotions. The training needs will possibly differ from based on the background of each employee who is to be trained and their status within the organization.

Team Analysis
Team analysis is a process where information is gathered based on several areas in order to determine the success of a specified team or group within the organization. An example would be the afternoon or evening shifts at the restaurant. Some of the areas which are reviewed would include the team’s ability to handle a busy shift in an orderly and efficient manner. These issues would be examined based on the income achieved, the number of satisfied customers and the number of customers who were not satisfied. An evaluation of the team leader may reveal his or her ability to lead, i.e., handling issues, taking charge, analyzing problems, staffing adequately, and producing quality work while on shift. How the team is as a unit is a determining factor as well.

Task Analysis
Task analysis is the process of reviewing a particular task by dissecting it into steps to ensure the best possible efficiency is being achieved. This process will assist the training team with teaching the skill by use of the best methodology, and ensure the process is efficient. Task analysis will help the trainer with understanding the necessary reinforcement for each task and help with choosing the correct materials, i.e., videos, written literature.

Learning Objectives
A learning objective can be defined as an outcome statement that speaks to what knowledge, skills, and attitudes that a learner should possess upon completing the lesson. It is beneficial to have a learning objective prepared during the planning process for training because, it will serve as a guide to create training material that coincides with the learning objective. In doing so the training can be streamlined to cover only the material that is important to the learning objective, and avoid getting off track.
A server at TGIF has very specific learning objectives that are centered on providing the best customer service. A server is responsible for meeting the needs of the diner from the time they are seated until the end of their visit. It is important...

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