Employee Morale Essay

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Employee Morale
Employee morale is important to the performance of a company. Higher employee morale can lead to better employees, since happy employees tend to show up to work more than disgruntled employees. “Studies have proven that the morale of a company's workforce is directly linked to profitability. This is because workers who are happy in their job and with their employer perform better, resulting in higher and improved productivity and profitability.” (Levine, n.d., ¶2). The further illustrate the issue of morale; a case study of Nordstrom and Wal-Mart was conducted displaying the differences of company with high employee morale and a company with poor employee morale.
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Nordstrom has early morning rallies several times a week before the store opens, and in these meetings the employees are the center stage. At morning meetings customer letters are read speaking the praises of the staff at the meeting, exceptional performance numbers are read out, and employees are instructed of the store sales. At Nordstrom, store employees are able to assist a customer in any department regardless of what department the employee is assigned. If a customer likes someone in shoes, that person can travel the store to cosmetics, jewelry, and clothing to assist the customer. This type of empowerment is what makes Nordstrom a good company to work for and keeps employee morale at a high level. “Nordstrom gives the people on the sales floor the freedom to make decisions and management supports them in those decisions.” (Spector, 2000). That is what makes employee morale high at Nordstrom, the company does not simply speak to giving employees empowerment, they give them the tools and the management support to pursue those initiatives and be their own self starter.
When a consumer thinks about Wal-Mart, the consumer thinks about low prices. However, the employee morale at the company would not echo something as wonderful. Some customers may complain about the customer service or lack thereof that they receive at Wal-Mart; however when one looks at the employee morale of the company it is evident where the lack of commitment is coming from, and that is poor employee morale....

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