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Employee Motivation Essay

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Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction
2.1 Background Information 3
2.2 The aim and objective 4
2.3 How to accomplish the aim 5

2.0 Discussion
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There has been a lot of research done on motivation by many scholars, but why the behavior of different groups of people differ and why it is that every employee of a company does not perform at their best even though they have been generally motivated is a question many managers and employers have. Many things can be said to answer this question; the reality is that every employee has different ways to become motivated. Employers need to get to know their employees very well and use different tactics to motivate each of them based on their personal wants and needs.
The Oxford dictionary defines motivation as “a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way” (Stevenson, 2004, p. 829). This motivation varies in different people. We can also say that motivation is the willingness to work at a certain level of effort. Motivation emerges, in current theories, out of needs, values, goals, intentions, and expectation. Because motivation comes from within, managers need to find out and direct the motivation that their employees already have.
Motivation comes from within us such as thoughts, beliefs, ambitions, and goals. The people who are most interested in motivation studies are managers because they may provide insights into why people perform at work as they do, and as a result provide managers with techniques to improve worker productivity.  

There is an old saying you can take a horse to the water but you cannot force it to drink; it will drink only if it's thirsty, it is the same with people. They will do what they want to do or otherwise motivated to do. Whether it is to excel on the workshop floor or in their personal life they must be motivated or driven to it, either by themselves or through external motivators. The job of a manager in the workplace is to get things done through employees. To do this the manager should be able to motivate employees.

1.2 Aims and Objectives
The main aim of this report is to discuss the importance of employee motivation to organizational success while emphasizing on the effective use of motivational theories by managers and to clarify how the employee motivation and performance relate to each other.

1.3 How to achieve the aims
1) Definition of employee motivation.
2) The importance of employee motivation to organizational success.
3) Basic concept of motivation.
4) Theories of motivation
a. Traditional approach
b. Human relation approach
c. Human resource approach
i. Content theories
ii. Process theories
iii. Reinforcement theories
5) Why managers should have a good understanding about the different theories of motivation.

2.0 Discussion
2.1 Definition of employee motivation

In simple terms motivation can be described as a set of forces that causes individuals to choose certain behaviour among many alternatives. Motivation is also known as the catalyst for any...

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