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Employee Relations Essay

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Employee relations may be defined as those policies and practices which are concerned with the management and regulation of relationships between the organisation, the individual staff member, and groups of staff within the working environment. The objective of the policies and practices are to create
• An effective mechanism for communication and participation
• A safe and secure work environment
• Commitment for the employer and motivation for the employees

Employment relationships are built on trust and the rights of both employee and employer. Each day, employees and employers work together to complete tasks and projects for businesses. Both employees and employers have very ...view middle of the document...

The Industrial Relations Act 1967 provides for the regulation of relations between employers and workmen or employee and their trade union and the prevention and settlement of trade disputes. This Act is applicable throughout Malaysia and provides for the regulation of relations between employers and employees and the prevention and settlement of trade disputes.
It emphasizes on direct negotiation between employers and employees to settle their differences and regulate their collective relationship and to settle any dispute arising thereon through mutually agreed procedures. The Industrial Relations Act 1967 also provides for matters relating to promotion, recruitment, dismissal, transfer, retrenchment, reinstatement allocation of duties and prohibition of strikes .When direct negotiation between employers and employees fails, this Act provides for speedy and just settlement of trade disputes by conciliation or arbitration. This Act also provides the power to the Ministry of Human Resources of Malaysia to intervene and to refer at any stage any trade dispute to the Industrial Court for arbitration.
As stipulated in Employment Act 1955, the general employee of every organisation in Malaysia have the following rights: not to be unfairly dismissed or discriminated against, to be provided with appropriate resources and equipment, to have safe working conditions, to receive the agreed remuneration on the agreed date and time, to receive fair labour practices, to be treated with dignity and respect, to non-victimisation in claiming rights and using procedures, to leave benefits and other basic conditions of employment as stipulated in the employment contract.
Rights of the employer consists of expecting the employee to deliver the agreed services and performance based on the initial employment contract or letter of appointment as per the agreed days and times.
An employer has the rights to expected to his or her employee to:
• Perform under their authorization and carry out all work instructions and obey all reasonable and lawful instructions that is issued.
• Act in good faith and to show loyalty to the organization that they are employed with and have the best interests of the employer at heart at all times
• Display good behaviour in the work place and to comply with company policies, follow work place rules and procedures and adhere to disciplinary codes and dress codes if there are any.
• Strive honestly toward the company's vision, mission , work objectives and performance standards.
• Behave in the workplace in a manner acceptable to the company and to the norms of the society of the country.
• Report any dishonest or unlawful practices in the workplace, including any breaches of company policies and procedures
Employee relations is the manner in which management addresses and interacts with the staff. Maintaining good employee relations helps reduce workplace conflict, raise staff morale and increase overall...

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