Employee Training And Selection Essay

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Training and Selecting Employees
Jason Peters
PSY 435
November 11, 2014
Robert Seneca

Training and Selecting Employees
Organizations have come to an understanding that their essential survival comes down to the dependency of a well-trained and a properly selected candidate for the positions they are seeking to fill. Organizations now understand that the training and retention of their employees are more cost effective then it would be to rehire multiple personnel for the same position over and over. Studies have been conducted, and techniques were developed from these studies to aid the organizations with their hiring and training practices. Although there is no positive proof that ...view middle of the document...

Without an effective coaching technique, the selection and training of an employee become near impossible. Using not just a particular technique, but implementing different coaching techniques gives the organization more flexibility when hiring and retaining employees.
How I/O Psychologists Select & Train Employees

Organizations intend on their employee selection most often on a person's abilities or the organizations discretion on what they consider a fine worker. This method for choosing a potential candidate is usually conducted using the simplest method of a direct job interview. This method allows the manager to assess the candidate possess the over-all knowledge that is pertained to the position. Although this method is the more wildly used with most organizations it can however be biased (Spector, 2012). Using the interview technique may prove unpredictable and unreliable for an employee selection for the position and should be considered second to that of the scientific techniques. The scientific techniques applied are more dependable with the information collected from the employee. The tests administered would provide the organization an understanding of the candidate’s work ethics as well as their job performance. The scientific tests would also provide from the results the knowledge the candidate may have of the job before being selected for the position. In all when hiring and coaching employees a study by Development Dimensions International who is a talent firm found that there is only “About one-third of employers use testing for hiring and promotions” (Tahmincioglu, 2011 para. 10).
The retention and work productivity of the employee essentially relies on the proper coaching technique to educate the employee. Organizations have incorporated coaching techniques such as on-the-job coaching, modeling, and auto instruction coaching techniques in their procedures to further develop an employee’s skills. The auto instruction is a self-paced training that does not usually require any instructors (Spector, 2012). The technique that is most popular with auto instruction is the programmed instruction. This means that the material is divided into frames consisting of the material to be covered, a question that needs to be answered, and the answer for the question (Spector, 2012). There is no particular speed that the employee works. Modeling provides the employee a chance to observe another employee or a supervisor performing the task and having the employee repeat the task they have observed. This style can provide the employee the proper and improper methods to complete the task. This method also allows the trainer to provide on the spot corrections. On-the-job training is using any method to show the employee how the job is done while performing the job. This accounts for the majority of the job training for the employee. Some positions require a more formal training program. An apprenticeship provides the training the...

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