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Employee Welfare Essay

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K.KAMAL RAJ (33231125)

For the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the
Degree of Master of Business Administration
University of Madras


Department of Management Studies,
University of Madras,
Chepauk- 600005.


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Conflict is a natural and very typical phenomenon in every type of human relationship, and at every level: from intrapersonal (the realm of psychology) to global. Conflict, is one form of social interaction that involves at least two parties who disagree. The two parties argue with each other and dispute issues they both care about.
Conflicts occur between persons, organizations, communal groups, and states, reflecting relationship within a family, a community, and an international system. Interest disputes are immediately provoked ...view middle of the document...

Problem Definition
One of the key-questions regarding conflicts is how to manage and resolve them. As the modern societies have become more complex, problems of managing conflict have become cardinal, with broad implications for human well-being and social change.
Conflict resolution is the process of “concluding a dispute or a conflict in which the disputing parties, with or without the assistance of mediators, negotiate or, otherwise, strive toward a mutually acceptable agreement or understanding, taking into account each other’s concerns.” 
Conflict resolution, therefore, aims at helping alienated parties analyze the causes of the conflict and explore strategies for changes in the system that generate it. Conflict Resolution is successful, if the future causes of conflicts are eliminated without the use of threats. Collaborative processes, rather than power bargaining, can help discover accommodations that bring net advantages to all concerned. 
Conflict resolution, therefore, aims at helping alienated parties analyze the causes of the conflict and explore strategies for changes in the system that generate it. Conflict Resolution is successful, if the future causes of conflicts are eliminated without the use of threats. Collaborative processes, rather than power bargaining, can help discover accommodations that bring net advantages to all concerned. 
Thus, this research intends to focus on ORGANISATION’S ROLE in conflict resolution during the process of CHANGE IMPLEMENTATION in the organization and managing the obvious resistance of employees towards the necessary change initiative .
The research would be limited to the manufacturing facilities of Colgate Palmolive and Dabur ,located in Baddi region of Himachal Pradesh in India’s Northern territory .
To elaborate on the possible role(s) of the organization in managing the conflicts arising as the result of lateral and direct resistance of employees towards the implemented change exercises.
To understand the factor driving the resistance to change measures
To evaluate the contribution of different stakeholders and understand the nature of conflicts
To underscore the need for active organizational involvement in managing the change process

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