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Employer Raise Essay

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One of the most important things of my life right now is my job because without a job I cannot take care of my family. I am someone who works with you to achieve your vision and company goals - while at the same time have the confidence to make suggestions on improvements and better ways to do things. I am loyal, a good communicator, great with customers, good phone manner, flexible and committed to get the job done. I understand that you are human and from time to time will lose it, make mistakes and have a bad day - but I know not to take it personally, as you will back me to the hilt. I do not abuse your generosity and you know you can trust me. I am honest, flexible and focused. I think I have shown nothing but dedication to this job since this company has employed me. I think I have shown this by doing every job that you have asked me to do. I have never grumbled or complained about anything you asked me to do even if at times I feel that ...view middle of the document...

My commitment to my job is shown through accomplishing many of the goals that you had set for me. I have listened objectively and have made many changes because of my respect and gratitude I have for you believing in my abilities and me. My success has been due to your leadership and for that I am extremely humble I have never been late at work; working six days in a week, regardless of how busy we get I have always managed to keep the work in a balance and keep my internal customers satisfied.
You could always give instructions to me on a new job and let me find a way out to it. Once a specific task is given to me, I accomplish it to make sure I make customers happy. When you tell me to do something specifically, I make sure that I get to it as soon as I have time in my hand. I have never argued with you about any specific task you have asked me to do. I made sure that if there were other thing to do prior to what you tell me to do; I took care of the things first so the job can be finished correctly. These are some of the examples to show you that I have always respected your authority. I have never doubted your knowledge about things that were going around.
Time management is another important aspect as regards to working and on this aspect; I always make sure that I wake up early enough to get to work on time. I always come 15 minutes early to open up and have safety talk with the temporary employees. Many other workers come in late. However, apart from coming in early I am also the last person to leave the offices to lock up again for the safety of the office items.
Whenever I have something very important to take care of and I am shorthanded, I make sure that I get other workers to help me out so that I can finish my job in a timely manner. Being on time and getting things done on time is very important for my job. Apart from my routine work, this is part of my character.
I am always trying to make sure that I meet my daily goals at the same time making sure that I comply with Safety and quality Management systems. Without a doubt, my job is thorough and I am a team player always willing to take the lead and be the leader in many challenging moments.

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