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Employment Plan Essay

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Employment Law Compliance Plan
Brian Bojda, Kenneth Daniels, Keith Lambert, Michael Perronne
University of Phoenix
Dr. Gwendolyn Brown
October, 14, 2014

Employment Law Compliance
There are a few basic laws covered in regard to hiring/compensation in AZ. (CCC) is 650 employees-looking to expand by 20% -would be 130 additional employees. Those 130 employees would be in Arizona where the company is looking to expand-CCC is currently in Detroit Michigan where the minimum wage in Arizona is currently $7.90. The first issue at hand is the Arizona Civil Rights Act. This law prohibits discrimination of potential candidates based on race, color, religion, sex, ...view middle of the document...

Employees can be required to work on holidays for no additional pay on holidays, (Example: regular time not time and a half) All Arizona employers would abide by Federal regulations for those compensation laws. Arizona does have a paid time off to vote law. The law states:
An employer is only required to provide employees with enough paid leave so that employees have three (3) consecutive hours to vote between either the opening of the polls and the start of their shift or the end of their shift and the closing of the polls. For example, if voting polls open at 7:00 a.m. and an employee’s shift starts at 9:00 a.m., the employer could comply with the voting leave law by allowing the employee to arrive at work at 10:00 a.m. and paying the employee wages for the one (1) hour they would have otherwise worked. By granting the one (1) hour of paid leave at the beginning of the employee’s shift, the employer would be ensuring that the employee had three (3) consecutive hours in which to vote. The employer may specify the hours an employee can leave to vote. An employer that refuses an employee the right to paid voting leave may be guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor.” (Employment Law Handbook, 2014)
Landslide Limousine Service
The start-up company that was planned to be operating in will want to position itself in the location of the State of Texas with the ideal of employing at least twenty-five employees projected for the first year.
The focus should be on employment compliance law for this startup business. The areas that were focused on were the Americans with disabilities act, age discrimination in employment, immigration reform and control, family medical leave and sexual harassment. The focus will be on these specific topics to ensure that Mr. Stonefield would have a clear understanding of the law and what could possibly happen for non compliance.
The federal government and the State of Texas both have rules governing employment compliance and before Mr. Stonefield moves forward with his plans, I would suggest that he hires a law firm that specializes in employment...

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