Employment Regulation Paper

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Employment Regulation Paper
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The different employment agencies in the United States help regulate and oversee all relations within employees and employers. Several agencies like the Department of Labor assist businesses and public to provide a fair and solid marketplace. Without these state and federal agencies it will be a chaotic relationship as well as unmanageable. That is why businesses and the public should be very familiar with the different divisions and agencies that provide a relief for this complex relationship “employee-employer”.
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The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulates the wages and hours; it also determines the minimum wage rate over time and the policies for overtime, not subject to salaried employees like executive or administrative.
Then a very important subject is the agencies in charge to protect equal opportunity for all workers like EEOC, Equal Pay Act, Title VII, Age Discrimination in Employment Act and Americans with Disabilities Act. The Equal Opportunity Commission is an independent federal agency that enforces discrimination laws, investigates claims and constantly researching the subject to issue new rules, regulations and guidelines for businesses and employees. The Equal Pay Act forbids pay discrimination based on gender, equal in terms of skills, effort, responsibilities and working conditions (2007, pp. 23 slides). Title VII prohibits all employers engaging industry affecting interstate commerce from discriminating on basis of race, color, religion, gender, ethnics, sexual harassment and pregnancy discrimination (2007, pp. 1257-1058), this act involves any employer that has more than 15 employees. The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits employers from disqualifying an applicant or employee can perform the duties with certain accommodations. The employer may not ask the interviewer about disabilities, it covers organizations that employ over 15 people; this type of claims has a low rate of success. Age Discrimination in Employment Act prohibits age discrimination of people of at least 40years old; it applies for companies with 20 or more employees.
One last category the author will be discussing is the privacy protection; nowadays technologies advances can jeopardize the focus and method of procedure of these agencies...

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