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Employment Research Essay

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Employment Research

Part 1 – Employment Research 3
Accountant Employment Trends 3
Opportunities for Recent Graduates 4
Skills, Knowledge and Experience Required 4
Part 2 – Personal Development Plan 5
Personal and Gap Analysis 5
Personal Development Plan 6
Part 3 – Conclusion 7
Part 4 – References 8
Part 5 – Appendices 9

Part 1 – Employment Research
Out of many professional professions, accountant may be the only one that is the most talked and discussed about in many financial related publishing. And the one that is constantly changing. In the past, accountants are people hired to merely handle accounts. Today, in many small companies, accountants are people who are ...view middle of the document...

From what were mentioned above, it is now evident, that the accounting profession is evolving actively. Interview conducted with a small plantation company has even showed that these small companies are now having a changed demand on their accounting staffs hiring. No longer is the case in where accountants are required to possess experience, they are also required to have knowledge on the taxing system.
The road to the top for an accountant is not an easy one either. Surveys conducted on the 50 largest companies by market capitalization on Bursa Malaysia have shown that the most popular qualification for their top post (CEO) is surprisingly, engineering. Commenting on the result, the head of a recruitment agency revealed that the head of any large corporation can’t view a business from only the financial point. Any accountant aspiring to head a corporation is required to also be logical, methodical, solutions-based and last but not least, innovative (Accounting and Business Malaysia March 2014 Pg. 3). It is therefore proven that the demand for accountants who are versatile is definitely there. This requirement provide to many aspiring accountants, the need to keep being on their toes and learn new skills all the time in order to move further on in their career.
Opportunities for Recent Graduates
Companies today are ready to expand their business both locally and internationally. With such mentality, a requirement for accountants to be versatile has also grown stronger. Many such companies are willing to provide training to accountants who aspire to go further in their career with the same company. This may have happened because it is today, getting harder and harder for companies to keep the Generation Y of accountants staying with their company.
Also driven by trustworthiness of professionals like accountants in the eyes of the public compared to CEOs who are generally labeled almost as untrustworthy as government officials (according to 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer), companies are beginning to resort to train accountants to become their spokespersons.
Skills, Knowledge and Experience Required
Like it was mentioned above, before the requirements for accounting grow, accountants are merely people hired by companies to handle simple book keeping. The task of preparing tax reporting paperwork is handed to professional/certified accountants.
Overtime however, this situation has changed. Accountants are now required to be more. The higher requirement expected from accountants in return has pushed the aspiration of many fresh graduates upwards. As this cycle goes on and on, inevitably, more and more are to be expected from accountants by their employers.

Part 2 – Personal Development Plan
Personal and Gap Analysis
Based on the evolution of the accounting profession discussed above, it can be concluded that employers are increasingly looking for more from their hired accountants. Amongst the quality required are 1) relevant knowledge,...

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