Encryption Regulation Of Devices That Code Messages Is Not Necessary

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Regulation of Devices That Code Messages is Not Necessary


Legislation has been proposed to regulate devices that code messages. The Clinton administration believes a better way to provide for our public safety is by requiring technology that scrambles electronic data for privacy reasons to contain a feature that would allow immediate decoding of any message, known as a trapdoor feature. The capability to monitor encrypted, private communications, however, does not yield greater public safety since it would create feeling among the people of constant supervision.


According to government officials, access to scrambled data is needed for national security and ...view middle of the document...

This is as absurd as walking up to a stranger on the street, demanding a $100 bill, and, when they balk at the idea, replying that it won't necessarily be spent. Finally, the only motivation to require technological features is the availability for use. No one would have gone to the trouble to make a proposition without the intent of use. The feature would have been a proposed option in technology if it wouldn't necessarily be used. Requiring decoding technology stipulates full intent for use.


Law-enforcement officials would be required to have a wiretap order from a court to utilize the feature. Humans, however, are susceptible to corruption and power tends to corrupt. While the people in charge of facilitating access to the trapdoor features should be virtuous, they would still be human and open to temptation to allow unauthorized access when persuaded. Oftentimes regulations are ignored and actions overlooked. Illegal activities and coverups are cited occurring in every type of institution, but no other would have as much ...

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