End Of Race Is It Possible Essay

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Ivelin Yuriev
Samantha B. Messinger
ENC 1101
4 June 2011
End of Race-Is it Possible?
Steve Olsen and Tenzin Gyatso, the fourteenth Dalai Lama, had an interesting discussion about the human race, where they both expressed a valid concern about its genetic future. However, they used two different approaches to prove their theories. The Dalai Lama, in 2005, wrote the book, The Universe in a Single Atom. In his chapter “Ethics and the New Genetics” Gyatso focuses on the benefits of genetic engineering and its enormous potential, while warning us of its harmful consequences. In contrast, but yet pursuing the same point, Steve Olson in his book “Mapping Human History” (2002) and the chapter ...view middle of the document...

There are a wide variety of choices, but the most important are the selection of the color of hair, eyes, and complexion. But complexion can only be thru mixed marriages, which creates people with these specially designed features. What will happen if there is a way to create people with these special features? “Particularly worrying is the manipulation of genes for the creation of children with enhanced characteristics, whether cognitive or physical.” (Gyatso 80) This technology, when it first becomes available will only be affordable for the wealthy people. When the genetic modification is unaffordable for long enough, the majority of the wealthy families will have better children, smarter and prettier, then the rest of the people. Soon there will be a problem, the rich will not only be the rich but also will be the best in any other field. Which race will they belong to? To no single race. There are rich people all over the world from different race, thus separation by race will be no more. Because there is a good chance most of the other races may disappear from the consequences stated above. According to the DNA tests stated in Steve Olson’s chapter “The End of Race: Hawaii and the Mixing of Peoples”, we are experiencing the same genes. “When genetics look at our DNA they do not see a world of rigidly divided groups each going its own way. They see something much more fluid and ambiguous…..”(259). The people are so “mixed” (253) even though they still try to divide themselves by race. There will be division in the near future, certainly, but not by race, it will be by wealth condition, if the genetic evolution will remain affordable only by them.
Race division is such an obvious, natural part of human life. Nevertheless, where does the theory come from? Throughout the world there used to be racial division between all genetic colorings; for instance, black, white, brown, yellow or red. Black used to be the slaves and whites were the masters. Which is absolute nonsense just because of the skin complexion, no one is special just because of that. We are over that worldwide problem for many decades now. There used to be German leader (Adolph Hitler) in World War II with the sick idea to create only one race and literally murder the rest of the world. The world was against it and we are over it as well. Now there are many Asians who live in Europe, many Americans who live in Asia, and many Africans who live all over the world. We are so mixed figuratively and literally as a society that our DNA mixture purports “When we look at another person we won’t think Asian, Black, or white. We’ll just think: person.” (259). Because we all look much more similar now. For instance, if we take marriage between African American and Hispanic, what will the child look like? Mixed skin complexion; not as dark, not as bright; different hair, or he or she could also have different eye color...

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