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Endangered Animals Protection In Canada Essay

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Endangered Animals Protection in Canada

Animals are precious and irreplaceable resources. According to the zoologists’ statistics, there are about 1500000 species of animal at present. However, thousands of animals become endangered species every year in the world. Moreover, the endangered animals is becoming increasingly fast, which is an inestimable loss to humans. Therefore, how to protect endangered animals becomes our priority. The government of Canada has drafted some exact solutions to protect endangered animals. Some animal protection organizations and some animal activists, which are glad to stand by the government, energetically protect them.
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It holds meetings every year and conducts research on how to protect them. Nowadays, people’s unreasonable activities, which are cutting trees, industrial waste water, gas and so on lead to the pollution of the environment. Thereupon, animals’ natural habitats are badly destroyed. Habitat loss is a important factor leading to animal extinction. The government of Canada has good solutions to deal with the problems. For example , the government of Canada implements laws for protecting endangered animals such as Animal Protection Act (Boswell, 2011). Moreover, the government has built nature reserves for woodland caribou, grizzly bears and so on. The government also prohibits some people’s commercial and industrial activities, and limits people from entering the nature reserves. Furthermore, the government seals off some roads around the nature reserve (D'Aliesio & Henton, 2008). For protecting the habitat, the government has established some rule limit industrial development. For example, the government has closed some factories which produce pollution and prohibit mining activities around habitats (Boswell, 2011). The hunting and trading of animal parts are a highly lucrative business. Many animals has become endangered species because of human’s behaviors of hunting. The government has lawed down stricter laws to prohibit people’s hunting. When police catch illegal hunters, they will face huge punishment even they will be impounded in prison (Struzik, 2004). For example, many black bears cannot escape the adversity of being killed and has become endangered animals in Canada. Illegal hunters take out the bears’ gallbladder for getting more profits. Therefore the government and police office of Canada has sent out more patrol teams to catch them to prohibit people from illegally poaching which protects endangered animals. Alien species inbreak is another cause for animal extinction....

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