Energy Crisis Around The World Essay

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There is acute shortage of energy in the country. This leads to energy crisis which is apparent in frequent load shedding, power failure, closure of factories, man-hour loss and decrease in production. Part of the problem is related to the insufficient energy resources leading to the shortage in supply which is not able to meet the growing demands of power in the rapidly expanding industrial, transport, agricultural and urban sectors.

A comparison of growing electricity generation through the plans and increasing demands shows that deficit is mounting year after year which now stands at one-fifth of the demand even at the abysmally low level of per capita consumption, i.e., 340 km as ...view middle of the document...


Two hundred years ago, the world experienced an energy revolution that launched the Industrial Age. The catalyst to this epochal shift was ordinary black coal, an energy-rich hydrocarbon that supplanted wood as the primary fuel. The energy stored in coal gave inventors and industrialists the power they needed to process steel, propel steamships, and energize machines. A century later, the industrialized world's thirst for energy had increased tremendously. Petroleum and natural gas were exploited as versatile and high quality energy products, and soon joined coal as principal fuels. Fifty years later, scientists tapped uranium to fuel nuclear reactors and provide atomic energy. 
Today, cheap energy is the lifeblood of American society. But there is a dangerous dark side to relying on non-renewable resources like coal, oil, natural gas, or uranium to supply our growing energy demands. The supply of these fuels is physically limited, and their use threatens our health and environment. Fears of global warming aside, burning fossil fuel releases chemicals and particulates that can cause cancer, brain and nerve damage, birth defects, lung injury, and breathing problems. The toxic stew released by combusting hydrocarbons pollutes the air and water, and causes acid rain and smog. Nuclear energy, once touted as "too cheap to meter," has never been economically successful when all costs are factored in, and fear of disasters like the Chernobyl reactor melt-down have virtually shut the industry down in the U.S. and Europe. Inexpensive and seemingly abundant nonrenewable energy...

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