Energy Resources Essay

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Petroleum is a mineral that’s made up of mostly hydrogen and carbon. Petroleum can be a gas, liquid, or a solid. (, 2011) Petroleum came from a Latin word “petra” meaning rock and “oleum” meaning oil. (American Association of Petroleum Geologists, 2013) Petroleum could be as thick and dark as tar. It could also be as thin as water. (THE NEED PROJECT, 2013)
Petroleum is a big source of energy today. Petroleum produces fourty percent of our energy today. (Osakagas, 2013) We use it to produce gas for our vehicles. (THE PETROLEUM ZONE , 2013) Petroleum has a very high level of energy. (Institute for Energy Research, 2013) Burning one gallon of gas produces nineteen pounds of ...view middle of the document...

(Doglan, 2012) In Obama’s drilling campaign he backed down because he was threatened. (Berman, 2011) Today throughout the world use over three-thousand metric tons of petroleum each year. (Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, 2013) The United States use 18.7 million gallons of oil per day. (, 2013)
Drilling wells can cause direct oil spills. (Botkin, 2010) Watery liquids are put into the wells and come out as mud that is toxic. Oil spills are involved with petroleum, because petroleum can be turned into a liquid form. (ENERGY4ME, 2013) Most oil spills occur during the moving of oil. Processing oil at a refiory can cause air pollution and water pollution. (The NEED Project, 2012)
Petroleum is formed by the dead plants and animals that are buried in sedimentary rocks. Next heat and pressure decompose the plants and animals. Then the mineral seeps through rock until it is trapped. Finally it groups together for millions of years. (, 2011)
Hydroelectric Energy
Hydroelectric energy is energy produced by water. The word hydro comes from a Greek word meaning water. (National geographic, 2013) Moving water downstream creates kinetic energy that can produce electricity. (Clean energy, 2013) Hydroelectric power is considered reliable. (EDF Energy, 2013)
A dam is built on a river large enough to have a hydroelectric power plant. Moving water turns a turbine. Then a metal shaft in an electric generator is turned. Water then flows out of the dam. (The USGS Water Science School, 2013)
The cost of producing the energy depends on the size of the plant. (IEA Hydropower, 2013) Costs are limited to equipment maintenance. Operating costs are low. The dams are expensive to build. (Window On State Government, 3013) About seven percent of the United States is hydroelectric. Hydroelectric power is only nineteen percent of the world’s power. (Perlman, 2013)
The dams of hydroelectric power plants are extremely expensive. Then the environment around the flooded area will be destroyed. The dams cause serious geological damage. Building the dams mass with the natural water table. (Ryan, 2013) The dam could fail and give out under the pressure of the water. (Ethical Energy, 2013)
Energy is produced at a steady rate. When energy isn’t being used gates on the dam can be closed. The dams are built to last many decades. The late water can be used for irrigation purposes too. (Ryan, 3013) Once the dam is built no pollution or greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere. The reservoir can be used for recreational purposes and it can be used as a tourist attraction, both bring money to the community. (Ethical Energy, 2013)
A river large enough to build a dam to create a large reservoir. The money to install the dam. Land to flood. Turbines to harness the energy. Land to flood. Turbines to harness the energy. (National geographic, 2013)
Hydroelectricity powers homes, schools, offices, hospitals, and factories. Hydroelectricity is usually...

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