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Energy Title Essay

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The growing renewable energy industry can and will save the U.S. economy. As fossil fuels are starting to rapidly pollute the planet and cause global warming, this will result in the renewable energy industry to become closely linked to the job market and the economy. The trends point to a great growth in the renewable energy sector while the fossil fuel industries are starting to diminish. Based on my reading I suggest that due to the growth of the renewable energy industry caused by global warming, it does and will create more jobs than the fossil fuels industry.
Renewable energies are resources such as solar, wind, geothermal and hydrokinetic power. These are called renewable energy ...view middle of the document...

The bigger it grows the more jobs that will have to be created. A primary element of Plumbers article is the fact that prices have consistently been dropping year after year. Specifically, he seems to be stating that since solar energy is becoming more affordable, that is the reason that it is starting to be more widely adopted and growing so quickly.
Ron Pernick an environmental author and manager of Clean Edge, an advisory firm that monitors clean technology markets, seems to agree with Brad Plumer. In his article “Clean Energy Trends 2014”, he claims that solar modules, system components and installations grew from 79 billion to 91 billion in 2013. Pernick also wrote “We project that all the combined clean energy sectors will continue to grow over the next 10 years, expanding from $207.5 billion in 2013 to $397.9 billion in 2023.” meaning that the renewable energy industry will almost double in the next 10 years. This growth that results from the need and trend towards ending global warming will also result in helping the U.S. economy. Fossil fuel jobs tend to be more machine based and short term, however most renewable energy jobs are more robust because they are much more entailed.
An 80-95% reduction in greenhouse gasses by the year 2050 is necessary to help combat potentially dangerous climate change. Daniel M. Kammen a Professor of energy at the University of California, Berkeley and a climate advisor to the Obama administration, wrote "To make this goal achievable and to minimize the cost of later and inevitable action, we believe emissions...

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