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Enforcement Agencies Essay

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The field of law enforcement has branches that oversee a range of jurisdictions, all with a common purpose: to protect citizens and enforce the laws passed by legislators at the local, state and federal level of government. Depending on where you are at, and what you are doing, different types of law enforcement agents may take an interest in your activities. The most common and visible law enforcement officials are the municipal police officers representing cities, villages and townships. The main difference between these officers and those at the state or federal level is they are the initial enforcement front for all criminal laws.
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State drug task forces, executive departments such as attorneys general or taxation, even state parks agencies employ law enforcement agents to engage in more specialized enforcement efforts. Officers in state prisons also are considered part of each state's law enforcement efforts, different from the others in that they're enforcing state laws within the confines of a state institution.
The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is charged with patrolling the state's roadways, enforcing its traffic laws, and generally preventing accidents. The CHP also has secondary missions such as drug interdiction and computers crime investigation. Furthermore, the department has established a number of community outreach programs to teach the public about safe driving (Landon 2012). CHP officers are responsible for enforcing the California Vehicle Code, whose statutes regulate the operation of all vehicles in California. Thus, the CHP patrols highways helping prevent accidents, direct traffic and apprehending traffic law violators. Officer’s issue tickets to the latter group, and must subsequently file a report. The CHP's Abandoned Vehicle Abatement program is responsible for clearing abandoned vehicles.
The federal government employs various types of law enforcement agents, all enforcing laws and policies established at the highest level of government. These include special agents and support staff for agencies including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Agency and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, but also involve oversight by several others, ranging from the Internal Revenue Service to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. They don't enforce local or state laws, but would be apt to tip off the correct local or state authorities when suspect activity is spotted. Federal prosecutors often coordinate the efforts of agents from several agencies at once to build cases and prosecute federal crimes.
The DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), is a branch of federal law enforcement that deals with the identification and confiscation of illegal substances as well as the control and elimination of trafficking these substances between United States borders. Duties of a DEA agent include field and office work geared specifically...

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