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ESSAY 1 Mike Gaston
ENG 101 ENG 101 – C02 – Spring 2015 LUO

Chores are a beneficial and important factor in the upbringing of children for many reasons.


In the military I have met many people from many walks of life. What I have gathered and witnessed from my encounters were that basic household skills were lacking in some and not others. I found that many of the people I met who were not raised to do chores lacked basic household skills; whereas the people raised to do chores did not. The ones who lacked these household skills were at a disadvantage when it came time to living on their own; having to be taught how to do ...view middle of the document...

On the other-side we were punished if our chores were not completed, which taught us risk/reward. Is playing video games, when the sink is dirty worth the spanking?
g. Now as an adult I further understand the impact chores had on my understanding of personal responsibility. I am always reminded to pick up after myself, wash my own dishes, and take care of my own mess; not just in cleaning but all aspects of life.
h. Having chores instilled in me a sense of discipline; a sense that if I get what I need to get done handled, then I can go and enjoy what I want to do. I established a sense of discipline towards my priorities.
i. One of the many chores I had to do was laundry, not just my own. I hated it as a child but I am thankful I did it. Having the ability to wash/dry/fold my own laundry is a blessing; especially doing my laundry properly according to color. I had to teach a friend of mine how to do laundry at the age of 20 and he ruined a bunch of clothes, I went through that same phase but I was 12. I am glad I am not behind the learning curve on this one.
j. Due to performing chores as a child, I am able to wash...

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