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Eng122: English Composition Ii ( Essay

639 words - 3 pages

Ivory Hodges
ENG122: English Composition II (AXE1443E)
Dr.: Carrie Prettiman

Obesity in the United States has reached epidemic proportions, creating the first generation of children in history which is predicted to have a shorter lifespan than their parents. It seems as though that our younger generation is getting bigger by the day I believe mainly because most of the fast food places serves more junk and un healthy foods then more healthy foods. Rapidly rising childhood obesity rates constitute a public health priority in Latin America which makes it imperative to develop evidence-based strategies. Schools are a promising setting but to date it is unclear how many school-based obesity interventions have been documented in Latin America and what level of evidence can be gathered from such interventions (Wang Y, Lobstein T. Worldwide trends in childhood overweight and ...view middle of the document...

Although the food itself and quality may have changed over the years, it's been slow and gradual enough that the boomers themselves rarely noted the changes. They passed the quality and cost cutting side effects onto their children.. Children, often idolizing their parents wanted to eat what they ate, and have developed a taste for the processed foods, regardless of health. In many cases, the art of cooking was lost with the boomer generation, and the grocery store is by the wayside with the exception of convenience foods because of social migration to "quick and easy" as opposed to healthy and nutritious.
One other change in mentality is the modern health care and marketing system, where there is a pill for everything and so it shouldn't matter what you eat. If you want to get slim, there's a pill for it, and if you don't get enough fiber, you can take a pill, or if you don't like such and such a food that is good for you, you can take a supplement. Many people don't understand their health, either because of lifestyle changes over the years, misinformation, or even cooperate influence in the medical field. I believe what most of it boils down to is a lack of understanding by the parents, as well as by the children as to what is actually good for them, as well as what is actually good food.

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