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Engage In Personal Development In Health Social Care Or Childrens And Young Peoples Setting

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Unit 052 - Engage in personal development in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings.

1.2, 1.2

According to my role profile below is a summary of my position and what is expected of me.

To deliver the highest standards of care, protection and support to children and young people by facilitating their physical, psychological and emotion development through the application of Five Rivers practice model, care standards and all relevant guidance. To actively promote Five Rivers’ philosophy of creating a residential care home environment, this assists each child to achieve their maximum potential and recovery.

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The importance of being able to be reflective about my own practise is to help me develop more in what I can do. Every month I have supervision with my supervisor, within this we discuss how my relationship is with the young person, how I am working with the team, any training issues that I may have and in general how I am feeling. I enjoy having supervision as it gives me the chance to talk about how I am feeling and if I need any extra training or guidance to help me perform better within my job. I also think that team meeting is important as it gives the whole team a chance to talk to each other and talk about what we are going well with the young person and how they best respond to certain situations. Within our team meeting we have a reflective practise session where we all go around the table and give each other praise or offer help to people who are struggling with the young person, this gives everyone the opportunity to work better. This does work well with our team as we are all open and honest anyway so there is never any awkwardness when discussing these issues. I do prefer when people are open and honest with me as I know that they are only doing it to help me develop within my job.
2.2 – demonstrate


Sometimes within this job you have to do things that you wouldn’t necessarily do in your own life, so for example if a young person is targeting me and I was outside in the community (not within my job) I could just walk away from that situation and not have to listen to the negative comments I am getting, when doing this job you can’t just walk away from the young person as this will do more damage than good. When this sort of thing does happen I have to remember my TCi skills and remember why ia m doing the job, I always think about why the young person is in my care and how they must be feeling about the situation, this gives me a lot of perspective and helps me deal with how I am feeling about the situation so I can then move on and help the young person through the difficulties they are going through at that time. I try very hard to never let my own belief systems get in the ay of how I work with the team and the young person as this would probably be damaging to the young person which is not what they need in their life. I have learnt that taking a minutes before going into any sort of incident will give me the clarity to focus and realise what it is I have to do to help the young person with their emotions and feelings at the specific time.


* Regulatory and Legislative frameworks.
* Child and adolescent development and the effects of trauma, loss, abuse and deprivation
* Local and...

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