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Engineering Essay

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Engineering Report:
Polymers & Timber

< Polymer

< Timber

Reda Salah
Mr. Singh
Year 11 Engineering

In this engineering report I will be researching about two different types of core materials in the world today, timber and polymers. I will show what these materials are used, the availability of the materials and environmental impact.
This report is to show what are the materials used for and the environmental impact on society and also the world.

Timber is a naturally occurring organic material. There are more than 30,000 species of tree throughout the world, producing timber with a wide range of properties, providing the designer with an almost unlimited choice for both structural and decorative applications.
Polymer is a naturally occurring or synthetic compound consisting of large molecules made up of a linked series of repeated simple monomers. Polymer is a popular usage suggests plastic.
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They use timber because it is a high strength material very difficult to break and damage.
3. There were 3 454 million hectares of forest, including some 3 221 million hectares of natural forest, throughout the world as of 1995. It is estimated that about 48.5 percent of natural forests are potentially available for timber harvest. Global distribution and availability diverge significantly by region. The largest combined area of natural forests is in South America and Russia. The availability of natural forest for harvest is greatest for Russia and North America, while the share of natural forests deemed available for harvesting within a region is the greatest for Europe (85.1%), Russia (76.0%), Asia (56.6%) and North America (56.0%).
4. The environmental impact of timber is major because industries use timber everyday especially businesses creating furniture, constructing of homes etc. They are wiping out the timber habitat but also they are re-using the timbers and also recycling, they are supporting the timber habitat.

1. Polymer is a naturally occurring or synthetic compound consisting of large molecules made up of a linked series of repeated simple monomers. Polymer is a popular usage suggests plastic.
2. Polymers have wide range of uses shoes, ropes, kettle handles, bottles such as milk, juices etc. Polymer is very important and also durable.
3. Availability of Polymers is classified based on source of availability 1. Natural occurring polymers, 2. Semi Synthetic polymers. 3, Synthetic polymers.
Natural Polymers: These occur in nature in plants and animals and are very essential for life. For e.g., proteins constitute much of the animal body., nucleic acids control genetics at molecular level and cellulose provides food, clothing and shelter.
Semi Synthetic: Semi synthetic polymers are derived from naturally occurring polymers by chemical modifications.
Examples: Vulcanized rubber, gun cotton and cellulose diacetate.

Synthetic Polymer: Synthetic polymers are man-made polymers which include fibers like Teflon and Dacron, synthetic rubbers, plastics and PVC.

4. The environmental impact on polymers is very low there are minimum impacts. The researchers are trying to develop natural and man-made synthetics that would reduce the production of gases.

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