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English 3 Essay

2129 words - 9 pages

English 11
EN 981 = Semester One / EN 991 = Semester Two
The central purpose of this course is to extend students’ growth in all communication arts. Reading, writing, listening, discussing, speaking, using language, understanding media, using technology, and employing research skills will be applied to help students enhance their abilities to become creative and critical thinkers.
Language Arts B.11/12.1
B.11/12.3 C.11/12.1 C.11/12.2 C.11/12.3
D.11/12.1 D.11/12.2
E.11/12.2 E.11/12.3
E.11/12.4 E.11/12.5 F.11/12.1
Key Learning Targets
Create substantial pieces of proficient writing to effectively communicate with different audiences ...view middle of the document...

Text Comprehension
Evaluate and demonstrate a variety of comprehension strategies to comprehend texts and improve oral and silent reading performance when considering the context of a work.
Story Elements/Structure
Evaluate and explain how classical and contemporary literature themes are developed, literacy techniques are used, and writers are influenced by issues and events from various cultures and historical periods; develop criteria to evaluate literacy merit.
Literature Study
Identify and validate devices an author uses to influence the reader’s understanding of human experiences; critique, compare, and debate the effectiveness of their use in varied genres.
©Milwaukee Public Schools MPS High School English Course Syllabi, Grades 9-12 Patrice Ball, K-12 English Language Arts Curriculum Specialist (414) 475-8099 As of July 1, 2008
English 11
EN 981 = Semester One / EN 991 = Semester Two
MPS District-adopted text and resources = McDougal Littell, American Literature (2006)
By the end of Grade 11 students should be able to do the following:
* Create substantial pieces of proficient writing including:
1. Cover Letter
2. Poetry Analysis
3. Research Project
4. Resume
5. Persuasive Writing Task
6. Descriptive Writing Task
7. Comparative Writing Task
8. College Application Essay
9. Reflective Writing
* Apply the writing process to create and critique various compositions.
* Edit compositions for clarity and effectiveness
* Prepare and deliver oral presentations (presentation on a topic appropriate to course
work) as well as critique them for accuracy and usefulness
* Evaluate and summarize the relevance of ideas, arguments, hypotheses and evidence
presented in a discussion
* Identify and analyze the history, origin and usage of English words and phrases.
* Demonstrate computer and media literacy
* Compare and analyze the use expressions from other cultures
* Develop and evaluate various media products to inform or entertain audiences across
content areas
* Use peer critiques for clarity, form and effectiveness of media work
* Use research skills to conduct, plan and communicate an assigned or self-selected
topic appropriate to course work
* Effectively use grammatical conventions, varied sentence structures, and cite sources
correctly using parenthetical citation or footnotes
* Evaluate using a variety of strategies to comprehend texts, and improve oral and
silent reading performance
* Explain how writers are influenced by issues and events from various cultures and
historical periods and how themes of literature are developed
* Identify and analyze various main ideas/key points from different perspectives and
articulate them orally and in writing for fiction and nonfiction texts
* Identify devices authors...

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