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English As A Foreign Language Essay

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CELTA Language Related Assignment, item 1

I was going to phone you yesterday, but I forgot.

1. Generative Context

I was going to have my first lecture in my new language school. I was very excited and I was looking forward to teach some new foreign students. My boss was going to phone me to let me know about what time I needed to arrive at the language school. I waited all day for her phone call but she didn’t ring. The next day, I arrived at the language centre at 8:30 and one of the colleagues gave me a message that my boss was at her friend’s party last night and had forgotten to phone me.

2. Meaning

We use this form to give someone information about your intention to do ...view middle of the document...

Yesterday I came to my room and found my flat kitchen very dirty. I went to complain at the reception and told them that I would like them to send a cleaner to my kitchen. The receptionist asked John to go and call Julie who was responsible for the cleaning on my floor. He came back to the reception and told the receptionist that he couldn’t find her and that she must have gone home by now.

2. Meaning

This type of sentence structure is used to express certainty about something that happened in the past. E.g. it seems certain that she has gone home.

She was there a while ago.
She is not there at the moment.
She is usually on her way home at this time.

3. Form

Subject + must have (modal verb) + past participle

4. Phonemic transcription, including marking the stressed syllables and notes on pronunciation
See Appendix A

5. Concept checking questions (with answers), and, where appropriate, time lines, diagrams, pictures, etc (please continue overleaf if necessary)

Was she there before? (Yes)
Is she there now? (No)
Has she gone home? (Maybe)

CELTA Language Related Assignment, item 3

A: Open the window, will you?

B: I wonder if you’d mind opening the window.

1. Generative Context

A: The first week of July was very warm in Blackburn. I was invited to my sisters’ house for a party. There were many others that were invited too. As soon as I entered my sisters’ house I felt so hot because she was baking a cake in the oven, the children were running around the house and the windows were all closed. I went in the kitchen and complained to her by saying, “It’s so hot, open the window, will you?”

B: As part of my studies last year, I had to go for some work experience in a primary school. The school was much disciplined and the students and teachers were very polite. Once i was in the classroom doing some work with a group of children when the head teacher came to have a look around as she was just going pass the classroom. She came in the classroom and asked me very politely, “I wonder if you’d mind opening the window, please”. I was extremely delighted to see how polite she was to me.

2. Meaning

A: This is an imperative sentence which is used in an informal way. We use this sentence structure to tell or ask people to do things (interpersonal uses) - and the question tag makes it a little bit polite.

The window is closed.
Two close people are talking.
The speaker is not very polite.
The two people are very comfortable with each other.
The speaker may be annoyed.

B: This type of sentence structure is used as a formal or polite request.

The speaker is very polite.
They are not very comfortable with each other.
They could be strangers.

3. Form

A: Imperative + object + will you (question tag)

B: Present Simple + if + would mind (modal verb) + present participle + object

4. Phonemic transcription, including marking the stressed syllables and...

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