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English As A Second Language: Listening, Reading, Writing

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After all is said and done, what you write will be your best or worst credential. Your essays are extremely important. Think what you write. Show a logical progression. With the English language -at least in America-, "more is less", meaning that less clutter and making a point while being grammatically correct is highly valued. Essays are a good opportunity to explain unforeseen events that have occurred in your life, and they can influence a reader towards a positive decision on your application. Do not lie, report facts and circumstances that have affected you, or major accomplishments worth noting. Universities always check, and lies are hard to keep up with.

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The obvious advantage is that it does not delay admission to a program of study leading towards a Bachelor's Degree.
In deciding course selection for the first semester, the College's guiding principle is to protect your chances for success. We all know that nobody wins, if a student fails academically. It is your job as an applicant, to find out if your level of English matches your aspirations, and the admission guidelines of the Colleges you are applying to. Suffice to say here that a great number of Colleges and Universities alsd require the SAT test from Secondary School graduates. As a general rule, it is better to prepare yourself for a while taking intensive English courses, than to risk a denial letter from the College you are seeking admission to.
Can I afford it?
The second question in order of importance is: Can I afford the College of my choice in the United States?. The truth is, unless you have a demonstrated ability and a steady "star student" record, it is unlikely that you will obtain a grant covering all your expenses at some of your preferred Colleges.
By law, Federal (government) money is not accessible to International students, unless they also hold a U.S. citizenship or a U.S~ resident card. Many good candidates will be denied financial aid assistance for this reason. Or they will receive an offer from the College to take their own "Grant" (gift) money, that in reality is still short of the amount the student really needs. Again, check your past academic achievements, and type of funds you can realistically obtain from your favorite College. Sometimes, you will need to make adjustments looking for institutions that better match your ability to pay. Don't count on universities largesse, count on your own resources and your ability to pay. If some money comes along the way as a gift, see it as an added benefit.
For the most part American Universities can only give their "own money", not government money, to International students and they will decide to whom and how much there is to give. Confronting reality early is a great time saving device, when searching for the right College. The good news is that there are a wide range of institutions available, both academically viable and affordable. Look for what you can afford. For example, Endicott College decided to reduce tuition as a way to evenly benefit a wide range of International and Domestic applicants. As a result, their tuition compares most favorably with other Boston area Colleges, averaging savings of eight thousand dollars per year. When we multiply by four years, it represents some serious savings for an international student.
Use the resources available
If you pass the "Motivation" test, the "English" test, and the "Reality" test, and you can show a reasonable academic record, you are on your way to finding a good match at a U.S. College. The next steps will become a little easier. Having a good idea of what your academic interests are, you can now...

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