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English Belonging Essay

897 words - 4 pages

Part 1: Questions on TWO related texts

Belonging's a word that's enriching,
For Be is to Am as Longing is to Wanting,
A place we all strive to be...
Belonging for you and for me.

Amwanting is where dreams come alive,
Where love is shared and friendships survive,
Where the deaf can hear and blind can see...
Belonging for you and for me

Amwanting fulfills emotional needs,
Where companionship reigns with no call for pleas,
A place with a sense of community...
Belonging for you and for me.

Amwanting is things all just and right,
Where fear of rejection is never in sight,
A place where you can truly be free...
Belonging for you and for me.

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The title of the text is called ‘We belong together’. The composer of this song is Mariah Carey made in the year 2005.

2. The genre of this text is pop. The purpose of the text is for entertainment and the audience is targeted at young people and fans of Mariah Carey.

3. The composer talks about how she feels like she’s losing her...

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