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English Creative Writing Essay

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I had only been working in the garden centre for a few weeks, but already I loved it. The job gave me lots of free time to spend with my six-year-old daughter Mandy. I had to confess there is another reason why I love the job so much, it was my boss Gary. Gary was an ex-Royal marine, tall, dark, and charming. At the time I was 32 he was five years older then me and unmarried. After only a few weeks he asked me out we went out for a few weeks and fell in love with each other so I asked him to move in with me of course he said yes. I was very pleased he had taken a liking to Mandy my little girl, he would spend a lot of time with her he would read books to her and play with her. After three ...view middle of the document...

I stayed there listening silently in shock. Gary my perfect husband and Mandy's perfect step-dad I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I cuddled Mandy and while I was tucking her into bed I assured her that mammy will make everything ok. I was trying to stay calm I couldn't believe the evil that had entered our lives.Downstairs I grabbed a huge knife in a murderous rage. Willing Gary to come home so I could plunge it into him, I just wanted to kill him to stop what he had been doing. It then occurred to me that he might have done it to Daisy too.Daisy's cry snapped me back to the present. I went up stairs to feed her, I realised that blind rage wouldn't help my daughters. A mother in prison who couldn't protect them. I tried to calm down and then went to bed.Later when Gary got home he came to bed I pretended to be asleep and lay there awake all night knowing what I had to do.The next morning I tried to be as normal as I could I made his lunch and watched him leave knowing that, that was the last minute he spent with us as a family. As soon as he left I called the police " someone has abused my daughter," I said " My husband." The police came to my house while Gary was at work they looked around to find some evidence to prove that he had done it. They were searching for 3 long hours they searched high and low and found nothing. I started to doubt myself maybe Mandy had lied to me but where would she get such an idea.Gary got in from work I didn't dare say anything to him just in case I was wrong about what had happened. I just sat with him waiting until Mandy got home from school with the door a jar so I could hear when Mandy arrived home. I sat there waiting in the living room in silence it seemed like I was there for hours. I kept looking up at the clock to see what time it was and how long it would be 'till Mandy got home. Each second seemed like 1 hour and 1 hour seemed like two. Gary tried to make a...

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