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English Essay

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As a child growing up, my mother and father were both teachers, my mom a kindergarten teacher and my dad a visually impaired teacher. I can remember every night before bed how both of my parents would read stories to my sister and I so we could fall asleep.
From kindergarten on I learned to read and write simple words such as; the, this, and why. Learning to read and write was one of the most exciting things for me as a child. Knowing that I could do something that everyone else already could, and being quite good at it for my age. Considering that my mother knew all the tricks to teaching and knew how I would best be able to learn from her, I eventually was able to pronounce and spell ...view middle of the document...

The one I can remember most vividly was from when I was in third grade, we read the book “James and the Giant Peach” written by Roald Dahl. I was fascinated and intrigued by the amount of detail this book had and how I could actually visualize everything that was happening. I wanted to write a story just like him. Our classroom became the inside of a ginormous peach, complete with the insects, their instruments, and the crazy rude ants that James had dealt with throughout the book. This particular piece of literature really inspired me to want to become a superb writer. So that when people read what I wrote, they could visualize my writing the way I was able to with Roald Dahls. As a writer just starting out that was my main goal. From there on out, I would read books that were interesting, attention-grabbing, and thought provoking. My main objective would be to read these noteworthy books, and then draft my papers and essays to reflect how that particular author wrote. At that point I became so determined to create remarkable literature that I began to practice by writing in my journal every night. My writings would run the gamut-from the somewhat dull day to day activities I engaged in to what the latest hot gossip in school was. When it came time to writing papers in middle school I was certain I had it nailed down, that I would always get an A+ on my writing. So when some teachers did and others did not, I didn’t understand? I was heartbroken, thinking that I had done everything I could possibly do by creating interesting stories so they would be amazed at how well I could transcribe. But the real challenge arose when I got into high school. Although I had made it into AP English, it was ten times harder than I had ever expected. Coming from a small school where your class size is made up of only 23 students, being accepted into a class like that was a huge accomplishment, but also overwhelming. We began reading stories and books that I had absolutely no understanding of. So when asked to write long essays focusing on our opinions and views of these stories, mine could be written in just a few sentences. I simply did not understand them, and my writing ultimately revealed that. Being in an advanced English class, our teacher not surprisingly expected the work of advanced students, and...

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