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English Exam Essay

1491 words - 6 pages

Victory Elijah Christian College
SY 2014 – 2015

Second Monthly Test


Name: ________________________________________________ Date: ____________________________
Year Level & Section: ___________________________________

I. Modified True or False. (7 pts.)

Directions: Write T if the statement is true, F if is false, then overwrite the underlined and highlighted word/phrase with the right one to make the statement correct.

______ 1. A verb is a word that expresses action, state of being, or the fact that something exists in a given time and which is always found in the predicate of a sentence.

---------- 2. An action verb tells what a ...view middle of the document...

Each evening at 7:30 Miss Wilkins walks her collie.
________ 4. The elderly man climbed the long flight of stairs.
________ 5. When the books come, send the payment immediately.

B. Direction: Encircle the verb in each sentence then label each as linking or action. (9 pts.)

1. Many people admire Andrew Jackson. __________________
2. He came from the Carolina pine woods. __________________
3. He eventually became president. __________________
4. Later he built a house near Nashville, Tennessee. __________________
5. The house looks lovely. __________________
6. Jackson grew hickory trees there. __________________
7. People called Jackson, “Old Hickory.” __________________
8. To many people, he seemed a tough man. __________________
9. However, he was a man of tenderness, too. __________________
C. Direction: Read the following sentences. Underline the entire verb phrase in each sentence, then main verb in it. (7 pts)

1. Sue does not always eat breakfast.
2. That must have been the longest play ever!
3. A number of potential buyers were being shown the Davises’ house.
4. We are giving you a ride to practice, right?
5. Jennifer is going to visit her grandparents for the holidays.
6. You have been running for over an hour!
7. I haven’t eaten lunch yet.

III. Multiple Choice ( 5 pts.)

Directions: Choose the letter of the best answer. Write the letter of your answer before each number on the space provided for.

_______ 1. Which are TRUE about formal English?
Formal English is one variation of standard English that:
A. Contains carefully written, complete sentences.
B. Avoids contractions.
C. Uses some sentence fragments.
D. Follows grammar rules.
E. Uses sophisticated vocabulary
F. Uses various tones
a. A, B, D, an E only c. A, C, D, E and E only
b. A, B, D, E and F only d. A, C, D, E, and F only

_______ 2. Conversations with friends, interviews, personal letter, journal entries and text messaging can be examples of:
a. Formal English c. Standard English
b. Informal English d. Nonstandard English

_______ 3. The sentences ‘The company laid him off because he didn’t work much’ and ‘His insufficient production conducted to his dismissal’ are examples of:
a. colloquialism and idioms c. standard and non standard English
b. formal and informal English d. slang and dialect

_______ 4. The sentence, ‘She be doin’ good, now that the fever done broke’ which obviously has its own grammatical rule and seems to be regional or ethnic in nature, is an example of:
a. dialect c. jargon
b. informal d. slang

_______ 5. Which of the following sentences makes us of slang word(s)?
a. I don have no money; I no want nothin.
b. I just got to ketch that train afore it’s too late.
c. When I told Dad that I had goofed the exam, he blew his top.
d. Learning to think outside the box is hardly rocket science and a no brainer for the...

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