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English Exam Paper

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FORM 2 ENGLISH TIME: 15 minutes


Teacher’s Paper

Instructions for the conduct of the Listening Comprehension Examination

The teacher should instruct the candidates to answer the questions on the paper provided. The following procedure for reading the Listening Comprehension passage is to be explained to the candidates immediately before proceeding with the examination.

You have been given a sheet containing the Listening Comprehension questions. You will be given three minutes to ...view middle of the document...

That is because she was one of 19 other pandas that turned one year old in 2006 after being born in captivity.

Su Lin lives in the San Diego Zoo in California. The panda’s name ‘Su Lin’ means, ‘a little bit of something very cute’. At birth she was about the size and weight of a stick of butter. Su Lin is the third giant panda cub ever born at the California zoo. All the cubs born in the 2005 panda baby boom give hope for the future of this critically endangered species. “Every newborn panda is important,” says Don Lindburg, leader of the giant panda research team. “Breeding giant pandas is no easy feat. Female giant pandas can produce cubs only once every two years. In the wild, an adult female may successfully raise five to eight cubs in her lifetime.’

At China's Wolong Nature Reserve sixteen pandas were born in 2005. Among these there were several sets of twins. As any human mother of multiples knows, it's hard to raise two or more children of the same age at the same time. And it's true for other mammals, too. So the panda mothers that gave birth to twins, were helped to rear their young pandas. The carers gently removed one of the twins, keeping it warm and well fed for a week before exchanging it for the cub's brother or sister. The cubs continued to be swapped for months, until they could eat solid foods and no longer needed to feed on their mother’s milk. Bamboo, apples, carrots, and biscuits were added to the diet of mother's milk when the cubs were about seven months old. By adulthood, the pandas were eating fresh stems, shoots, and leaves of wild bamboo plants.

Scientists estimate that fewer than 2,000 giant pandas live in the mountains of central China. About another 200 giant pandas live in zoos and breeding stations, mostly in China. Giant pandas are among the rarest of the world’s living mammals. They once wandered freely across China to its eastern coast and from the country's mountain-tops to the food-rich valleys below. But as more people made their homes in the valleys and began to farm the land, the naturally shy pandas lost a lot of their habitat and most of their food—the fresh stems, shoots, and leaves of wild bamboo plants.

Today conservation groups, scientists, zoo workers, and the Chinese government work to safeguard what remains of the pandas’ habitat. Many think that creating bamboo corridors—strips of undisturbed land through which pandas can comfortably wander and feed—are one hope for saving the giant panda from extinction. These corridors would connect all of today’s smaller panda reserves to create one larger habitat for all wild pandas. Dedicated people work toward the day when more of Su Lin’s wild relatives can roam throughout China’s forest reserves.

TIME: 15 minutes

Name _______________________________________
Class _____________________

A. Put a tick (3) to show whether the...

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