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Brandy Badiembie 04/05/15

(Q1) ‘’What do you understand about Sophie Haydock’s experience and the issue of homelessness? ‘’
In the article we learned that Sophie Haydock is a journalist and was also one of the ’50 people’ who volunteered in September in aid of the home-less charity and was sponsored in a ‘sleep out’.
The first thing we acknowledge about Haydock’s experience is that it started raining heavily. She also explained how it made the cardboard she was sleeping in ‘soggy’. Despite the experience she went through it was nothing near the real experience of a real homeless person. The difference was that the homeless people have nowhere to go but the streets. Whereas Sophie Haydock new she had somewhere to go if things really got rough for her as it was only an experience and temporary. Haydock also compared her experience ...view middle of the document...

We also learn that the amount of homeless people on the streets ‘’never be properly known’. The reason to this is because no one actually knows or informs others that they are homeless and they are hard to track down too as they are moving from one end to another. And this is why charities such as Simon on the streets are convenient and helpful.
Lastly, we learn that during Haydock’s experience the night had been ‘mild’ meaning that it wasn’t as rough as she expected. However the experience was still ‘discomfort’. This goes to show that even if on a ‘mild’ day things were horrid, what the experience would be on a right sleeper’s day that was not ‘mild’.
(Q2) ‘’Explain how the headline and picture are effective and how they link to the text.’’
The main thing I noticed was how powerful the headline for the newspaper article about the cyclone. The use of the ‘wrecked’ in the headline creates a very sinister imagery of damage. This made the headline effective because the article was based on the destruction the cyclone left behind in Australia.
Secondly, the headline personifies cyclone by referring it to as ‘Yas’s wake.’ This is effective because it makes the cyclone sound like a demonic cold-hearted bully that has come to take sweets from a toddler.
Thirdly, the use of ‘but’ is effective because it urges the reader to continue reading to find out what has contrasted the text before the ‘but’. For example, the use of the world ‘relief’ adds a sense of hope and a sense of peace because after it diminishes the anxiety of the text.
In conclusion, I think that the picture that was used for the article is very effective as it shows a woman holding their child looking back at a ‘wrecked’ home. In addition, the background indicates to the reader that a horrific disaster has occurred which has caused the outcome which is the damage in the picture. Lastly, the mother and the child look unhappy which adds a sad effect to the picture which links to the text as the cyclone was a traumatic thing to have occurred.
(Q3) ‘’ Explain some of the thoughts and feelings Michael Caine has about the places where he lived during the war.’’
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