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Engelsk terminsprøve
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The story is about a man called Ramesh and his grandmother. They are on a plane, on their way to England to visit Ramesh´s sister, and her family. Ramesh is studying to be a doctor, but he doesn´t want to. He would like to be a telephone salesman. He breaks the news to his grandmother, and she does not like it. She tells him how disappointed she is, and asks him how she could ever look her neighbours in their eyes again. Ramesh falls a sleep in the plane, but when he wakes up, almost everyone is sleeping. Except his grandmother. She is dead. Ramesh calms him self down, and asks the stewardess for help. They say they want to move her, so Ramesh and his ...view middle of the document...

Like when she talked and talked to they guy, sitting next to her. She is easily disappointed, and she gets angry, when she doesn´t get her will. She is a woman who puts a lot of honour in to her family, like Ramesh. The family name has to be a good and well-known name. Her expectations to Ramesh are huge. She expects him, to become a great doctor. She expects him to do what he is told by his family to do. And if he doesn´t she will be very disappointed. She puts a lot of pressure on Ramesh. Like when she died, Ramesh thought it might have been his fault. That shows what kind of pressure she puts on his shoulders. She expects him to be married and have a family at the of 26. Side 1 af 2
She even expects it so much, she talks to strangers about it. She has so many great expectations to Ramesh, that he maybe even can´t live up to them. He feels pressured.

Young people have a lot of opportunities. Times have changed, and when time changes humanity changes. We are not living in the same community, as we were 75 years ago. Today we are free, we make our own decisions and choices in life. Well, the most...

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