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The Devil’s Brother

Oh, how I curse you Luke Ravenwood! How I curse your life and your existence! You were my brother for 15 years before you turned into the monster you are now. You were supposed to be an empath, a caster who can feel people’s feelings. Couldn’t you feel mother and fathers love for you? Didn’t you feel their warmth even as you betrayed the family and chose to join the dark side? Even though you are meant to forget those you love when you go evil, couldn’t you fight it and remember all those that loved you and what they had done for you? But no you couldn’t; unfortunately you turned into a monster. You made me perceive at life in a different way. After your “little ...view middle of the document...

A petite, miniature squirrel scurried past me carrying the aroma of nuts and grass. Aromas have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions, or will. The persuasive power of an aroma cannot be fended off, it enters into any soul like breath into our lungs, and it fills us up. There is no remedy for it.

As we neared your 16th birthday, mother, called us into her study - This was when an “us” existed. She told us everything including why Luke’s eyes were slowly getting darker and almost turning as black as the burnt in the everlasting fire of hell. The eyes of a dark caster are always black whilst light casters have sky blue eyes. I could see the shame and despair in her eyes a she looked into Luke’s, I remembered the pride and joy she had on my 16th birthday. I tried to be the best role model but I could see you were different – you didn’t want to conform, no matter what I did.

Forcing my mind back to the present, horrific as it is. I now realize that life itself is a beautiful chaos and death is like a new house a person moves into forever. Hatred gradually overshadows my soul. The one and only brother I have killed and brutally murdered my only mother and father. My mother and my father – gone. Luke – better dead than dark (or might he have been possessed committing such a monstrous crime) Now who was I left with?

Wind suddenly ascends screaming and shouting angrily. I realize that I am controlling the weather with my emotions, but can...

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