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English Narrative Writing Essay

720 words - 3 pages

|Title of Unit: Narrative writing - (Controlled Assessment 7.5%) |
|Term: 1 |
|Year: 10 |
|Duration: 3/4 weeks |
|Overview: ...view middle of the document...

’ |
| |
|(e) The unexpected |
| |
|You may also choose tasks from GCSE English – first and third person |
| |
|The final outcome must be completed under formal supervision. Candidates have up to two hours to complete the description and |
|narrative/expressive writing tasks. In the final assessment session candidates may not have access to dictionaries, thesauri. spell check and |
|grammar programs. The work may be presented in handwritten or word-processed form. When the assessment period is divided into shorter periods |
|of time, all candidates’ work must be collected and retained securely within the centre between assessment sessions. Notes are not permitted. |
| |
|Each writing assignment is marked out of 20 using the assessment criteria provided by WJEC (pages 15-19 of the specification). Teachers should |
|mark using intext annotation with any errors flagged up and there should be a concluding summative comment. |
| |
|Advice from Autumn CPD 2012 |
|'The best work, as always, was not action driven but rather reflective and thoughtful about feelings and characters. The students were most |
|successful when they kept the central idea simple. Those who chose to write action packed adventures were generally less successful.' |
| |
|Much of the teaching material used for the 'old' GCSE exams is still relevant for the writing controlled assessments. For example, the tasks in|
|the Paper 1, Section B section of the WJEC 'polar bear' book can easily be applied as you prepare students in class for any of the writing |
|controlled assessments. |

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