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Needjie Boisseau
English 102-02
April 9, 2016
1. How do you explain the play’s title? In what ways does the ironic title of the play shape its meaning?
The title of the play is leaking with irony. The title comes from this gem of a line from Hale “Well women are used to worrying about trifles”. He says this in response to the fact that Mrs. Wright seems to be more worried about her preserves bursting than she is about the fact she is being held for murder.
2. How does the setting of the play contribute to our understanding of Minnie Wright’s position?
The house’s description sound that it doesn’t look like anybody’s dream house. We can totally see why Mrs. Wright might have gone ...view middle of the document...

Her trial might be a sentenced to jail for a lifetime and people might see her as a crazy woman.
6. How should we interpret the behavior of Mr. Henderson, the county attorney? Why is Mrs. Hale so annoyed by him?
Mr. Henderson comes to the house to resolve a crime and arrest the murder, he is looking for some evidences. Mrs. Hale is so annoyed by him, because as a woman she is trying to understand what is happening, how and why it happens, but Mr. Henderson finds her useless and not helping to get to the point.
7. In what ways can Mrs. Peters be said to be a foil to Mrs. Hale?
Based on what said in the story Mrs. Peters seems to be more worry and care about the decision from the law, Mrs. Hale is not.
8. What are the main differences between Minnie Foster and Minnie Wright?
Minnie Foster was a happy girl who was singing in a choir, always dressed nice with a smile on her face, she was so friendly. But Minnie Wright is a depressed, frustrated woman who follows her husband’s rules by staying in the house all the time and can’t even talk to the friends she had before.
9. Is Mr. Wright so very different from the other men we witness in this play?
There is no big difference between Mr. Wright and the other me we witness in this play, because they all treat women the same. For example: Mr. Henderson he doesn’t care about Minnie’s feelings and he is talking like women don’t have no rights. And also listen Mrs. Peter and Hale talking we say that they experience the same thing as Minnie with her husband
10. Why do the men miss all the real evidence, and why do the women cover it up?
The house is taking care by Minnie who is woman she knows every parts that she can hide an evidence, the men don’t have any idea and don’t know...

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