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Enigma Of Joy, Wrong Conception About American Life And Hard Work

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I was sitting at the boarding gate waiting to board a flight with a burger and fries I just purchased from Macdonald’s. It was in New Delhi, India. After I took that flight and flew into the United States, the first thing I saw after immigration was a Macdonald’s. But it was not just the twist in hamburger I saw that day. I never thought that fusion of two different cultures felt so appetizing. Americanization just didn’t bring a new form of food to the historic land of India, it was much more. India is a land of vivid taste buds, an emerging economy and home to a very wrong conception about American culture and Americanization imported with it joy, the wrong conception about American life, ...view middle of the document...

But these food firms not just bought a slice of America on an Indian plate. With them came a sense of joy, and happiness.
Some argue that American brands show dominance over local culture. For example, Brendon O’Connor, a Griffith University professor, argues in his article “Bored with USA?” that American brands are leading to the disappearance of local products and local pride in cultures, especially in Australia, his home country. I cannot say about Australia, but every Indian takes pride in his food and eating styles, we love our food more than anyone can even imagine. It’s just Indians cannot eat the same meal on the same plate every day. When people say let’s go to McDonalds, it’s not just an invitation for lunch or dinner, but an invitation of laughter, gossip and fun. Watching parents and their children having fun, drinking Limca, a Coco-Cola beverage, in a KFC is joy and the enigma behind that joy is Americanization.
However, joy is not the case when it comes to American media especially, Hollywood. Brendon O’Connor in his article “Bored with USA?” criticizes the way Australians are leading their life, becoming more American every day. He claims that they as Australians are so immersed in American culture even to their Calvin Klein underwear. Illustrations in his article show America to be a powerful nation and other countries as small and poorer cousins. Children, Connor states, want to lead life as shown in American sitcoms rather than understanding how their own society works. Parents in Australia, he says, are burdened under the fact that their children want to wear expensive fashion labels and girls want to starve to death to look like models and how bland the world would be if there won’t exist a heterogeneous society. A sense of nationalism is to be sparked in the locals and promotion of local goods should be spread, O’Connor argues to conclude. One of the most important fact that Brendon O’Connor writes about is the way American Sitcoms affect the life of people in Australia, which is true for India as well.
In India, Hollywood and American media have had a significant role over the past few years. I remember myself when I was a kid, watching American films presented to me sexuality in a way that could be considered scandalous or immoderate to anyone of my age at that time. Hollywood as claimed by Martha Bayles, a humanities professor at Boston College, in her article “Exporting the Wrong Picture”, presents a negative picture of American people around the world. My perception of American sitcoms and Hollywood grew over the years, but the image of crime, immorality, sex and scandals didn’t leave my brain till the recent past. Majority of Indians don’t even know how different their country could be if they drive a few hundred miles from where they live. But everyone as an individual have the same opinion I had about the American culture which in fact resides thousands of miles away from them. Hollywood made the people believe...

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