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Enrolment Essay

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Dear Respondents:
We, a group of 2nd year Pre Engineering students and Air transportation students, are presently enrolled in the subject English 221- Technical Report Writing. As part of the said subject, we need to conduct a survey regarding our thesis entitled, “Assessment of Enrolment System of PATTS College of Aeronautics” We would like to ask for a few minutes of your time to answer a survey. Your cooperation is a big help for us to finish our thesis. Rests assure that identity and answers will be treated with utmost confidentially.
We are hoping for your consideration and favorable response. Thank you!
Respectfully yours,

Kristian June Alvarado
Michael Angelo Decena
Dave Benzon Estologa
Michael Rey Fabian
Meshielle Jane Jabla
Gem Theodore Magtalas

Please answer the questions that describe your response. Rests assure that all the information will ...view middle of the document...

The lobby in PATTS where the enrolment process is happening is very crowded, during enrolment. | | | | |
2.The service given by the facilitators of enrolment is something Pattseans will be proud of | | | | |
3. Consuming the whole time for the enrolment process makes the student feels bored. | | | | |
4. The Enrolment procedure is quite difficult to understand especially for the new enrollees. | | | | |
5.The Information center that is located at the middle of the lobby serves as a guide for the enrollee to inform about the enrolment process. | | | | |
6. Enrolment process in PATTS is very comfortable because the steps/stations are very close to each other. | | | | |
7.Students of PATTS enjoy the time that they spent in the enrolment process. | | | | |
8.Enrolment process needs a lot of time for students to finish it. | | | | |
9.Each window in the Enrolment process takes several times before to precede the next one. | | | | |
10.During the enrolment process in PATTS, many people use to say bad things about the process | | | | |
11.During the Enrolment, the process is very old school and needs a lot of effort to finish | | | | |
12.You don’t need to be exposed in the sun rays during the enrolment in PATTS. | | | | |
13.Students of PATTS are very proud of the service given by the school during the enrolment | | | | |
14.Facilitators of enrolment are doing their job yet they are not happy with it | | | | |
15. Step by step process like proceeding to different windows guides the enrollees. | | | | |
16. The ambiance in PATTS is very cool. | | | | |
17. Security guard also helps the students for informing during the enrolment process. | | | | |
18. Expensive Miscellaneous Fees are fine because during the enrolment, the service of PATTS is very competitive compare to other school | | | | |
19. Manual filling up of the registration form for the subjects wasted a lot of time. | | | | |
20. Overall the PATTS enrolment system is not that efficient compared to other school. | | | | |

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