Entertainment And Media Culture Essay

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Entertainment and Media Culture
Vincent Arellano
October 7, 2013
Marie Loggia-Kee

Entertainment and Media Culture

Entertainment has evolved in many ways. Communication of events had been a difficult task to achieve in past. Radio was there to inform us of the current news, but without any visualization. Television was brought to consumers so that society can receive a visual way of getting some correspondence. The Internet was invented to give society a way to communicate worldwide.
There are people in our society who go through difficult and time-consuming challenges in order to entertain us. The radio has been and still is a common way to get the news, weather, and sports. People could imagine the happenings around the world as the radio announcer would describe in detail the occurrences that would happen. A presidential speech could be described as the crowd cheers ...view middle of the document...

TV is now taken to as an entertainment status. The overwhelming choices of choosing the right TV is an exhaustive decision. People get the news, shows, movies, and now Internet on TV.
The Internet has brought people entertainment and mass media at an instant. Society uses the Internet to search for anything the person desires at any moment. The rise of speeds on the Internet by the service providers also add to the way society gets the information. Instant news from the Internet can be had as soon as the incident occurs and there is no waiting for sources to confirm some of the stories.
The positive side of media is that the story can be useful as the news occurs such as, weather. If media is not available to inform society of the current events, then society would be in a state of mass confusion and bewildered as to what is happening in our culture. Sports events are great for entertainment as it creates a social environment with the interaction of people. Families gather to watch movies or shows that influence our culture.
The negative side of media is that society gets too involved in our current events and causes psychological problems in our society. Some people are infatuated in the politics among our country and never seem to realize there are other important current events that might affect our society as well. People get emotional attached to events that are occurring around the nation and the world. Then there is the health issue surrounding people that stay attached to the media. These people have to know exactly what is going on in our nation and it is causing them to lose self-awareness and therefore leads to health complications whether it is psychological, mental, spiritual, or physical.
Our culture here in the United States of America is founded by many values. Entertainment is a major factor in what revolves around our society. Our society spends an enormous amount of time and money to make sure society gets our entertainment as fast as society can deliver it.

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